The Latino World Order split has layers to tell in multiple was on SmackDown


The Latino World Order is going through problems and that split will lead to some major matches and developments. 

No one is surprised that the Latino World Order imploded on WWE SmackDown, but it certainly has come much faster than expected. Santos Escobar laid the groundwork for Rey Mysterio to lose the WWE United States Championship, and that came to a head with the former attacking the latter. Looking forward to the feud that’s to come, this is an opportunity to build Santos into an important heel on the main roster.

There’s so much to look forward to with Escobar’s heel turn. Of course, there’s the eventual match between Escobar and Mysterio. That can be a main event on SmackDown any week and no one would bat an eye. One of the greatest luchadors of all time in Mysterio, taking on this generation’s standout performer in Escobar, that’s a match that any professional wrestling fan should want to see on any night. They’ve had great singles matches in the past, but with these added stakes things get picked up a bit.

Then there’s Carlito. This guy can still go, and fans have long wanted to see him return to WWE. It’s his presence that kicked off this feud, and the eventual match between Carlito and Escobar is going to hump for all intents and purposes. But what if he’s in on it? Carlito’s heel character was some of his best work during his early WWE run and he can tap into that space once again. What if they don’t have a singles match, but instead they form a tag team that could be a powerful unit?

Then where do Zelina Vega, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro stand? It will be interesting to watch WWE tell the story of where their loyalties lie if they attempt to stay together as a group, or disperse and go on their separate ways. And best believe WWE would love to have Bad Bunny weigh in at some point as well. Everyone brings something different to the story to tell and reveal, making the breakup more intriguing to watch.

Fans rolled their eyes when WWE resuscitated the Latino World Order, figuring it was just another tired attempt to put people from similar ethnicities in a group. But thanks to a change in creative direction, this group is one of the better angles on television. With this new wrinkle to build upon, there are several directions to go with each having a story worth telling.

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