Logan Paul’s U.S title victory opens doors for WWE


Logan Paul will equal box office as the WWE United States Champion.

WWE hosted yet another Crown Jewel PLE from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia On November 4th. WWE tends to save the bigger marquee matches for international PLEs. Thankfully, WWE managed to secure one of their biggest marquee names for the event, social media superstar, Logan Paul. While many expected the influencer to be at the event, few were prepared for him to become the new United States Champion.

Paul has been involved with the company since his appearance at WM 37. Since then, he’s been having more matches, each one arguably more impressive than the last. Through his work in the spotlight, Paul has proven to be an incredible in-ring performer. After his victory over Dillon Dannis in Misfits Boxing, Paul took his time with his victory speech and challenged his second title match in WWE, Rey Mysterio’s U.S title. The following week, It was confirmed that Rey Mysterio would take on Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, resulting in Rey dropping the U.S. title to Paul.

Whether it’s Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, or even Goldberg, making a part-timer champion in WWE usually never works out too well. Fans get angry and frustrated due to the lack of title defenses, and it also minimizes the opportunities that the full-time roster gets. However, Logan Paul’s U.S. title reign can be completely different from any other part-time title reign we’ve seen.

Unlike former part-time champions, the cameras are always on Logan Paul. From his weekly YouTube podcast, Impaulsive, to sold-out Boxing arenas, the social media influencer never truly leaves the spotlight. Putting the U.S. title in the outside spotlight is a brilliant marketing move by WWE. Even on non-WWE TV, Paul increases the exposure of the title, bringing it to millions of new eyeballs every time he’s in front of a camera.

Just a week after his championship win, Paul was already seen wearing the title on his brother’s YouTube channel. The video already accumulated over half a million views just three days after being uploaded. Paul went on in the video to joke (presumably) about how the head of creative, Triple H asked him to refrain from having sexual relations while wearing the title, even mimicking his deep, gritty voice.

While WWE gears its content mostly toward children, Logan’s bringing the U.S. title to a newer age demographic, a demographic that may be interested in seeing Paul’s next title defense. Although WWE makes a point to promote their world championships outside of their own programming, no one has been able to promote their mid-card title the same way that Paul is already starting to do now.

While WWE probably foresaw their marketing opportunity, branding was certainly not the only reason for Paul’s victory. As already stated, Logan has proven to be one of the most gifted in-ring performers in WWE today. His athleticism combined with his fame is yet another bridge that WWE can use to adopt new a new fan base. Now with the U.S. title, Paul is sure to continue to feature his belt on any platform he appears on, a business move that benefits both parties to the highest capacity.

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