WarGames and Four Other Major Matches for Randy Orton

WWE, Randy Orton (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images)
WWE, Randy Orton (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images) /

Randy Orton’s big return is expected for WWE Survivor Series: War Games and there are several big matches awaiting his full-time run. 

Fans online are buzzing at the rumors that former champion and WWE icon Randy Orton is coming back from injury just in time for Survivor Series. The Viper’s arrival sets WWE up with some major matches for Randy Orton on his return. The first seems obvious and is essentially locked in, but the rest could all happen at some point down the line. This is especially true as the company is only a few months from its annual road to WrestleMania. Randy’s return now means she’s missed his shot at a rivalry or reunion with Matt Riddle. Even without the King of Bros, fans are noticeably interested in his return to WWE and the prospect of some key matches.

In WarGames as a Member of Team Rhodes

The rumors are all about Orton’s return for this specific match. It is a safe prediction to assume that if Orton is cleared to return, he will be included in WarGames. The heroes need a big boost, with heel Drew McIntyre aligning with Rhea Ripley. Fan accounts from within the arena on Raw made it clear that Cody Rhodes himself mentioned having friends. Orton is one of the few performers connected with Cody Rhodes, specifically, who can match the skill and star power of Drew McIntyre.

WWE has gone all in on making the match between Judgment Day, Cody, and the rest of the faces on Raw a massive main event. It doesn’t need any more star power to sell out the show and pique fan interest. Randy, though, adds more than just a big name. Theoretically, he has unresolved issues with Jey Uso and Sami Zayn from when The Bloodline takes him out. Seth Rollins has feuded with Orton before and holds a title often associated with Orton. Perhaps the most interesting is Cody Rhodes. Randy and Cody have had little time together on WWE since Cody returned. Likewise, Randy was probably coming back to turn on Riddle. WWE could still work that angle, but with Randy’s previous Legacy protegee getting betrayed by the Legend Killer.

Vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship

Randy Orton was on a collision course with Roman Reigns for the title before his injury. WWE also had The Bloodline attack him to write Orton off television to deal with his injuries. If WWE needs to fill some time between now and WrestleMania 40, Randy Orton is a great choice. A former champion with a deep personal hatred of Reigns, he acts as a credible challenger in an environment where few exist. Additionally, Orton doesn’t need the win; his decades of dominance insulate him from falling too far out of the WWE main event. It is a major boon for the title to have Orton uncoupled and hungry for revenge.

The story is likely to conclude between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns at the next WrestleMania. Looking for a bridge between that feud and now, Orton is the best option. He knows both men incredibly well, in addition to the resume outlined that would make his matches must-see and his loss, not a huge deal. He is also somebody that WWE can have Roman beat cleanly. To ensure Roman is looking as strong as possible on his road to WrestleMania, they must stop using the dirty finishes as often. Orton can have a good match and fall short, which helps Reigns out, too; it’s not something many of the roster could accomplish.

Vs. Cody Rhodes in No Holds Barred

Cody Rhodes has been collecting a lot of friends since he finished off Brock Lesnar earlier this year. For a superstar who needed “more adversity” a year ago, perhaps WWE has one last hurdle. One of the actual major matches for Randy Orton when he returns is with Cody Rhodes. When Rhodes started his journey to superstardom, Randy Orton mentored him on screen. Rhodes and Orton come from wrestling families, and the Legacy faction was Rhodes’s first real breakout moment. The significance of a matchup is already so evident that if they ever turned on each other, it would instantly be a hot angle. That means it would require the two to introduce a stipulation on match one.

Having Orton and Rhodes face off in a stipulation match adds some serious momentum for Cody on his way to the main event. It also gives Randy heat in the future as part of his return. Randy’s status means most people discuss what he can do for the roster, but WWE also needs to consider what will do well for Orton. A feud with Cody should burn bright and quickly to power both of them to other potential feuds, but it could easily be the top story on Raw for a month.

Vs. John Cena in his Retirement Match

John Cena has been a treasure since he returned, even with his record indicating a less-than-successful run this time. Cena’s tenure with WWE is clearly ending, and his official retirement is probably around the corner. There is a strong case that the person who sends Cena packing should be a young star who needs him. However, he’s helped stars like Solo Sikoa, LA Knight, and Grayson Waller thus far. Instead, WWE may give him a goodbye with a star that means something to him, like Randy Orton.

Randy Orton and John Cena were the cornerstones of WWE for years. The rivalry is pivotal to the legendary status of both performers and for Cena’s last match, Orton would be a fitting choice. The actors are back to work, and Cena is probably only slated for one or two more matches. Giving him a goodbye at a major venue like WrestleMania, with who is undoubtedly his greatest rival, would be an excellent use for Randy Orton when he returns.

Vs. Logan Paul for the WWE United States Championship

Before Randy Orton was an icon, a viper, or even a legend killer, he was a cocky young heel who was way better at wrestling than his age and training would let on. That sounds incredibly reminiscent of the current celebrity turned United States Champion Logan Paul. Paul recently retired from his other semi-active career, seemingly making the WWE star the influencer’s most official job. If Logan plans to stick around, he needs some marquee matches to feud with in the coming months. Taking on lesser-known athletes is excellent, but if WWE wants to turn Paul’s social media engagement into fans, occasionally, his opponent needs to be somewhat well-known. This is where Orton comes in.

From a booking standpoint, Orton is a more prominent name in wrestling. He doesn’t have the appeal of John Cena, to be sure. However, he has been at this long enough to have an Undertaker or Ric Flair vibe. People know him as a WWE superstar, and the RKO is all over sports and social media. He doesn’t need to be The Rock; that is what Logan is for. He just needs to be recognizable. Narratively, the story works, too. Logan will be a bold heel champion who thinks his natural gifts will be enough to hold onto the gold. Having been that guy before, Randy Orton can quickly dispel him of that belief. The details aren’t necessarily important here. They could start as allies or start as rivals and end as teammates in an updated Evolution faction. More than likely, they hate each other’s guts as they batter away at one another at a premium live event. If Logan holds that title for a while, his feud with Orton has the story to draw in new and experienced viewers alike and is a major match for Randy Orton after his return.

WWE Needs Some Major Matches for Randy Orton

When Randy Orton, a wrestling legend, went down with an injury, some thought he would never return. Reports that he may have to hang it up were abundant for a time. That he is so likely returning is a gift that fans should be thankful for, and WWE shouldn’t squander. It is unlikely that WWE will explore all of the possible matches for Orton, but many of them could be even in the next five months or so. Rehashing old grudges, making new memories, and facing down classic rivals are all intriguing ways to use Randy now that he is back and free of the RK-Bro story. It can be impossible to tell when you will last see a performer in WWE. So, while he is back, WWE should make the most of it with some major matches for Randy Orton.

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