Three Countries That Should Host a WWE PLE

WWE Monday Night Raw at Rose Garden arena in Portland. (Photo by Chris Ryan/Corbis via Getty Images)
WWE Monday Night Raw at Rose Garden arena in Portland. (Photo by Chris Ryan/Corbis via Getty Images) /

WWE is known as a worldwide brand and as the company moves to host events in other countries, these three locations would be a perfect choice in the future.

Over the last few years WWE has really put the “World” in World Wrestling Entertainment.  With recent premium live events in England, Wales, and Saudi Arabia, the fans who normally wouldn’t get to see WWE live now have a chance.  There are even a couple of events planned for 2024 in France and Germany.

However, there are other countries that should have an opportunity to host a premium live event.  These countries should be rich in wrestling history and have a great wrestling fan base. I’m going to suggest three countries that should have a chance to host a premium live event.  It doesn’t have to be Wrestlemania or Summerslam but an event big enough to bring fans to the arena.


Mexico has a very rich wrestling history and has a tremendous fanbase.  With the lucha libre style going on for almost one hundred years, a WWE premium live event would be a unique event and different style of pace for the fans to watch.

However, there is a very good fanbase for WWE wrestling and with the recent surge in Latino wrestlers making a splash imagine the fans going wild for a show.  Wrestlers like Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio, and Dragon Lee would have fans on their feet all night long.

If you’ve never seen a wrestling show from Mexico, the fans are some of the most boisterous and loudest fans in the world.  They get into the action from the very first bell being rung all the way until the end of the show.

One advantage that a show in Mexico would have is that wrestling fans in North America wouldn’t have to worry about either getting up early or staying up late to see the show.  Mexico would be a great host for a future WWE premium live event.


Over the last ten years we’ve been able to see more wrestling from Japan than perhaps ever before.  Unlike the fans of Mexico who are very loud, the fans in Japan are very quiet and respectful.  It’s almost as if you’re wrestling in a library.

But just like Mexico, there is a contingent of wrestlers from Japan who are making their names heard in WWE.  Shinsuke Nakamura has competed twice for the World Heavyweight Championship within the last three months and Akira Tozawa is always a steady hand who can deliver a very good match.

Japan is a country that is still filled with mystery and excitement, history, and tradition.  Imagine a premium live event in Japan.  It would be one of the most unique viewing experiences a wrestling fan would ever have.

While the only complaint would be a fan would have to get up early to see the show, a premium live event in Japan would be phenomenal.  A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for not only the fans but also the wrestlers involved.


I’m sure some of you are asking why Ireland?  My reply to that is why not.  If Wales and England can host a premium live event, then why not Ireland?

While they might not have the legacy Japan and Mexico have, the fans of Ireland are a tremendous group of people who get behind not only the wrestling they watch but also the wrestlers that perform.

There’s been a recent surge of Irish wrestlers in WWE, and they have been very successful.  Becky Lynch has become an icon in women’s wrestling being apart of the first women’s main event in Wrestlemania history almost five years ago.

Sheamus has been a huge success and a mainstay in WWE for the better part of a decade and is perhaps in the best run of his entire career.  Finn Balor has traveled all over the world and is now in a position he’s earned at the top of the card and JD McDonagh is just starting to make his own path and could be a huge star within a few years.

Ireland would really be a different location to host a premium live event but that’s what would make an event there fantastic.  There’s never been a big event held in Ireland and I believe the fans would love every single minute of it.

So those are my three countries that should host a future WWE premium live event.  While I’m sure there are a few countries that might deserve to be on this list, with the current direction WWE are going live events it will be a matter of time before another country gets to host a premium live event.

Fans would have to travel to the United States or Canada to see a premium live event.  But now, the WWE is coming to the fans and it’s about time.

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