Liv Morgan vs Rhea Ripley is perfect for WWE Royal Rumble 2024


If WWE can get Liv Morgan back in time, she would be a perfect opponent to face Rhea Ripley at the 2024 edition of The Royal Rumble.

Rhea Ripley is enjoying a dominant run as WWE Women’s World Champion. Fans were initially distraught at her lack of in-ring time, but that has changed as WWE has focused on her having more defenses while being wrapped up in The Judgement Day angle. With the Royal Rumble on the horizon, the company should take some steps to set up a big match for her and that could come from none other than Liv Morgan.

Morgan has been out of action since July. She was written off television after an attack from Ripley left her injured. In reality, she’s been dealing with shoulder issues that kept her out of action. Mike Johnson of PW Insider reported back in November that Morgan is still dealing with the injury and was scheduled to be re-evaluated. If the former women’s champion can get cleared, she versus Ripley is the perfect match for the Royal Rumble thanks to the levels of history the two women share.

Morgan and Ripley spent time together as a tag team back in 2022. Of course, this was back when WWE couldn’t care less about the Women’s Tag Team division and were breaking up teams weeks after they started partnering. Ripley would go on to assault Morgan and join the Judgement Day, while Morgan would have two tag title runs with Raquel Rodriguez in the meantime.

Morgan is one of those individuals who has a ton of potential. She’s only 29 years old and has consistently shown improvement year-over-year since her introduction to the WWE Universe. As the women’s division continues to get more time week-over-week, a return could be a big boost for the group, especially on WWE Raw. Morgan has a strong following and a level of appeal that could help her be seen as a good foil for Ripley heading into the Royal Rumble. Would she be the woman to take the title off “Mami,” not at all, as the latter is set for a big WrestleMania 40. Giving Morgan this slot would be a great way to welcome her back, continue their story, and put her on the path for a stronger push post-WrestleMania 40.

Rhea Ripley is running out of challengers as she continues to wipe out the women’s division on WWE Raw. WWE must set her up with a big match at Royal Rumble and that should come from Liv Morgan if she is cleared to compete for the first time in months.

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