Top 5 picks to win the men’s WWE Royal Rumble 2024


The 2024 Royal Rumble is going to kick off a massive WrestleMania season and eyes are on these five men to potentially pick up the win. 

The WWE 2024 Royal Rumble PLE is shaping up to be a blockbuster event. Particularly speaking about the men’s Royal Rumble match, two superstars (as of now) have officially entered the match, both hot picks to win the match. This annual event has so much history and so many stories behind it, starting well over 30 years ago. With the event drawing closer, here are 5 picks to emerge victorious from the match and go on to the main event of Wrestlemania 40 (from least to most likely.)

5.) Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre has been on a revenge tour as of late, squashing beef with baby-face talent by beating them in the ring. The latest victim was “Main Event” Jey Uso, suffering a loss at the hands of a cheating Mclntyre last Monday night on RAW. Now that Jey has been dealt with multiple times, it’s time for McIntyre to move on to his next prey. Last month at Crown Jewel, Mclntyre suffered a loss at the hands of Seth Rollins. Rollins prevented Drew yet again from obtaining a world title and once again cementing his name at the top of the mountain.

Upon winning the Rumble, Drew can challenge Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship again, fulfilling the promise he made to Rollins about working his butt off to earn another opportunity. On the other hand, he could also choose to settle his score with The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. Reigns has become the ultimate target in WWE. A victory over him would boost anyone’s career to unfathomable heights, not to mention, that it’s a sweet deal to pitch a high-level performer with a contract that’s soon to expire.

4.) Gunther

Gunther is currently still in the middle of the longest-reigning Intercontinental Championship reign of all time. His dominance in the ring shows promise in how he’ll fare in this year’s Rumble. Gunther was the last to be eliminated in last year’s Royal Rumble match by the victor, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes and Gunther fought it out inside the ring for a significant amount of time, showcasing Gunther’s abilities while still putting over Rhodes.

Assuming Gunther did win this year’s Rumble match, he may drop his Intercontinental Championship before Wrestlemania in Philly. However, a double title main event between Gunther and a World Champion of his choosing would be the type of main event that fans are going to want to witness. With each passing day, more and more fans believe The Ring General to be the next Royal Rumble winner.

3.) L.A Knight

LA Knight has risen to be the most popular superstar in all of WWE. Within the past three months, WWE has recognized Knight’s popularity and has since strapped him to the corporate rockets. Since then, Knight has recently had a taste of the main event spotlight, sharing the ring with the likes of Roman Reigns and John Cena. After months of TV time and pushing, it may be time for the “Yeah” movement to take over both the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.

2.) CM Punk

Fresh off his thunderous return at Survivor Series: War Games in Chicago, Punk officially declared himself for the 2023 Royal Rumble in hopes of finally main-eventing Wrestlemania. Last Monday Night on RAW, Rollins and Punk faced off in the center of the ring. Rollins made it clear he’s not happy about Punk’s return. Punk responded by entering the Rumble and proposing that maybe Seth would be the one that Punk challenged upon winning the Rumble.

Whether it’s Reigns or Rollins, Punk would make the main event of Wrestlemania unforgettable. However, Punk would have to mutually set aside prior beef with either of these men based on all three of their prior remarks. Regardless, all three men have prided themselves on putting the interest of the business before their own. With that said Punk’s Rumble victory is a thrilling possibility.

1.) Cody Rhodes

As the very first entrant into this year’s Rumble match, Rhodes is determined to finally finish his story. His feud with Reigns was more than memorable and seems like an easy option for Rhodes to win the Rumble. Similarly, Rhodes and Rollins have a history as well, dating back to Rhodes’ return to WWE at Wrestlemania 38. Between both champions, Rhodes has a big decision to make ahead of him if he is to be the last man standing in the Rumble match.

Rhodes has done a year of side missions since Wrestlemania 39, starting with Brock Lesnar, then Judgment Day, and now Shinsuke Nakamura. Now a year removed from Rhodes’ big failure, The American Nightmare has done more than enough to earn himself another championship opportunity. While much has changed in a year, Rhodes’ redemption arc is almost inevitable. The Bloodline has successfully avoided Cody for quite some time, but come January, that might change.

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