Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne: One Year Later


Toxic Attraction was forced into a change one year ago when Mandy Rose was released, leading to character development for both Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin.

This week marks one year since the shocking release of the iconic bombshell and NXT Women’s champion Mandy Sacs (fka Mandy Rose). This moment left shock waves throughout the wrestling community as fans began to process a WWE without the record-breaking athlete. One question did remain as the story unfolded: What would happen to her sensual faction members, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne?

They gained their prominence as the branches to the Toxic Attraction tree, but outside of the faction, no one knew their individual motivations. They tried to maintain as a tag team but fell apart and went their separate ways. Dolin and Jayne have earned their relevance, but have not had major, title-contending programs. It’s time to tap into their journeys since Toxic Attraction ended and what the future has in store for the alluring ladies.

Gigi Dolin’s Journey

After Toxic Attraction dissolved, Dolin was seen as the lost artistic soul who was not only looking for revenge against Jacy Jayne for her betrayal but as a woman who wanted to rise above her tough upbringing. That endeared her to the NXT audience. After finally defeating Jayne in a weaponized steel cage match on the May 30th episode of NXT, she went on to have feuds with the likes of Kiana James, Thea Hail (who was being mentored by Jayne), and Blair Davenport.

Her in-ring work had sharpened, but Dolin would wind up on the losing end of those fights. Gigi deserves more than just being the dependable talent to put others over. Recently, Dolin has been undefeated on NXT Level Up and she even defeated Elektra Lopez on Main Event. Her personality, focused ability, and unique beauty can lead to her gaining one more opportunity at the NXT Women’s title before she is called up to the main roster.

Jacy Jayne’s Journey

Jacy Jayne seemed to have a strong start after she attacked her former Toxic sister during Bayley’s NXT edition of Ding Dong Hello. She left a visible bruise on Gigi’s face and called her dead weight. Their break-up was a major callback to Shawn Michaels’ betrayal of his Midnight Rocker partner Marty Jannetty. After being defeated by Dolin in their weaponized steel cage match, she reappeared and started a small feud with Chase U starlet Thea Hail.

They would then connect through Hail’s desire to rebel against Andre Chase, which unexpectedly led Jayne to join the university. Though one could argue that Jacy being placed in another faction may be a red flag, it could be the catalyst to yet another dastardly turn in her journey. As a bad girl, her current goal could be to financially destroy Chase U and further manipulate Thea Hail as a young woman looking for guidance. Jayne is a compelling character for the audience to keep their eyes on.

The Final Verdict

Both women were affected by the loss of Mandy Rose as a leader, on-screen and off. But Gigi and Jacy did not let that pain dictate the course of their careers. They have their unique paths and identities that could lead them to varying levels of success. Dolin could be a workhorse with the potential to be a mid-card champion if a title is ever created or she could be a wild card star that could become Ms. Money in the Bank.

Jayne has the potential to be a calculating villain who creates small plots to fit a larger scale plan like AJ Mendez (fka AJ Lee) when she took down her former best friend Kaitlyn by breaking her emotionally before taking the Divas title away from her. A lot can happen in a year and Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne expressed their ability to weather storms by being true to themselves. That is The Attraction.

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