2024 will be a breakout year for Cora Jade

Cora Jade is set to have a strong campaign in not only WWE NXT, but also an introduction to the main roster where she will thrive.
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WWE NXT has been consistently putting on one of the best displays of women’s wrestling each week for more than a year. The show commits multiple segments and matches to the women who are looking to carve their way onto the main roster. One such individual is Cora Jade and if the trend of her rise continues, 2024 will serve to be a breakout year for this young performer.

Jade recently returned to NXT television at NXT Deadline back in December. She was gone for four months, but that did not stop the company from immediately slotting her back into the main event picture. There were rumblings that decision-makers behind the scenes were looking at Jade as a major prospect for the future and her booking matches that.

Jade joined NXT back in 2021, but many don’t recognize that her career includes appearances in other major companies like AEW, IMPACT, Shimmer, and GCW. She’s only 22 years old but has a valuable five years of experience which have helped expedite this push seen in WWE NXT. She was initially booked behind veterans like ATHENA (then Ember Moon) and Franky Monet (better known as Taya Valkyrie), while also taking losses to other young prospects like Amari Miller. But it was the switch to NXT 2.0 that saw things change in her favor. WWE NXT WarGames 2021 was the moment that it was clear, Cora Jade will be an important piece of the WWE women’s division for the future.

In 2024, fans should expect her to capture the NXT Women’s Championship. While Lyra Valkyria is wrapped up in an angle with Lola Vice, it will be Jade who eventually takes that championship from around her waist. But do not be surprised if she does not get a lengthy run with that title, as the main roster will come calling at some point this year as well. With the Royal Rumble on the horizon, Jade could make a brief appearance in that match before going back to NXT for a true main event push.

Jade’s run at the top will mirror that of Tiffany Stratton, another young competitor who has excelled when given the opportunity. Stratton lost the championship to Becky Lynch and has since been in mid-tier feuds with her taking a lot of defeats, signaling that her time on the brand is soon over. When Jade reaches the championship the prediction of something similar happening with her holds strong.

WWE is making a push to add youth to what is an already stacked women’s division. There are a lot of ladies who are under the age of 30 doing magnificent work in both NXT and on the main roster. Cora Jade should be one that viewers keep a close eye on, as 2024 looks to be a big year for her push in both WWE NXT and beyond.