3 big matches for Andrade on WWE Monday Night Raw

Andrade is back as a member of the WWE Raw roster and these are three excellent matches to showcase his abilities in the ring.

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Andrade is back in WWE. He’s the latest individual to make the leap from AEW to WWE, becoming the first to return to the latter after being released and signing with the former. Fans are interested in seeing how he will fare, especially with a new creative direction coming from the top. Looking ahead, these are three big matches for Andrade in WWE that would help remind fans of his potential as a main-event superstar.

Chad Gable

Chad Gable continues to look for a singles push that was started but seemingly slowed down. He’s shown that he can put on some spectacular showcases when he’s out on his own and he’s someone that the WWE Universe is firmly behind. Allowing him and Andrade to perform for 20 minutes or more on an episode of WWE Raw would be a highly anticipated contest with the right story built around it. This is one of those matches that fans wouldn’t know they needed until it was announced.


The Ring General is one of the most prominent members of the WWE roster today. His historic run as Intercontinental champion has elevated him into a position where the mid-card titles are seen on equal footing with the main championship. With WrestleMania 40 on the horizon, many are wondering if this is the time to take the championship off his waist and allow him to make that push for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Could Andrade be one of those individuals who takes the title? Perhaps not, but it would still be a great match to see if it came at some date this year.

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins is the top name on WWE Raw. If he makes it out of WrestleMania 40 with the championship in tow, several men could make a stand as his next foil. Andrade should be one of those figures. Imagine a full-on feud between Andrade and Rollins for 1-2 PLEs. Those matches would be some of the best that WWE could put forth this year and some of the best across wrestling. This is another one of those angles that fans wouldn’t realize they need to see the two perform together when the lights shine the brightest.