3 matches to re-watch halfway through 2024

There has been a lot of great professional wrestling this year and these are three matches to go back and watch halfway through 2024.
WrestleMania 40
WrestleMania 40 / WWE/GettyImages

2024 is halfway over. There’s a lot to look forward to in professional wrestling, but there’s a lot to look back upon as well. Several great matches have happened this year, but if you’re looking for something to recount from the last six months, these are three matches that stand out on the “must watch” list six months into the year. 

Bryan Danielson versus Will Ospreay 

This is a given. Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay are perhaps 1 and 2 atop the list of the best performers in the industry. Where they sit on that list can fluctuate depending on who you ask and when you ask them. But this match revealed exactly why they both deserve consideration for being the best today. And when putting them together in a singles match, they put on a master class in what the rest of the industry should hope to attain. By the end of the bout, no one in their right mind could complain about why they just witnessed. Danielson versus Ospreay is the type of match that will be studied for years to come for those that hope to be a high-quality performer in their career. 

Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns

This was about the spectacle. Two years of build came to fruition at WrestleMania 40. While fans didn’t like the idea of Cody Rhodes losing at WrestleMania 39, the way the story came together the next year certainly did something positive for the WWE and Rhodes. This was an Avengers Assemble-like moment as it took all that Rhodes had to offer along with several stars from the WWE’s past to overcome The Bloodline. Not only did that moment live up to expectations, but the match was great in its own right before the interference popped off. Cody Rhodes versus Roman Reigns was a perfect example of the spectacle that is sports entertainment and it is well worth a re-watch. 

Deonna Purrazzo versus Thunder Rosa - No Disqualification 

Deonna Purrazzo versus Thunder Rosa was an important story told in AEW, because it featured two important women on the roster, outside of the title picture. The last 3 months of development have been super important to the women’s division because it allowed the group to finally get more time. Fans clamored for Tony Khan to give more time to the ladies and it is finally coming together. Purrazzo versus Rosa put on an exceptional No DQ match, pulling out all the stops to defeat each other. The clip of Rosa running up the table to deliver the dropkick to Purrazzo in the corner was a viral moment that the women’s division needed. Hopefully, this leads to more focus on the women’s division beyond just the few names fighting for the titles. 

Honorable Mentions

Gunther versus Sami Zayn - WrestleMania 40

AJ Styles versus Cody Rhodes - WWE Backlash

Will Ospreay versus Claudio Castagnoli - AEW Dynamite

Queen Aminata versus Billie Starkz - Ring of Honor Supercard