3 things to watch for coming out of the 2024 WWE Draft

Now that all the selections are made, here are three things WWE fans should watch for coming out of the draft.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

The 2024 WWE Draft is finished. There are some interesting tidbits to talk about, but the biggest point brought up is that there was little movement between the two brands. On top of that, some perplexing changes were made, like shifting the Final Testament to Monday Night Raw after they started to establish themselves on WWE NXT. Now that the picks are done, here are three things to watch for coming out of the 2024 edition of the draft.

Giovanni Vinci’s single push

The split that everyone saw coming hit as hard as Giovanni Vinci’s head hit the side panels. Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser will stay on Raw as Imperium, and Vinci is heading over to SmackDown. One this is for sure; Vinci can work with the best of them and that shouldn’t be an issue. But there’s still concern to wonder how his singles push will go. It got off to a start while in WWE NXT but didn’t seem to fit in that brand. He’ll put on some great matches while on SmackDown, but just how far can he move up the ladder on his own? And will fans ever get to see him get some type of revenge on Kaiser and Gunther?

The Women’s Division

WWE’s women’s division is stacked, there’s no denying that. If a show were built around just the women who didn’t make television each week, fans of the ladies would flock to watch. With so many hours of television available, and WWE NXT doing an excellent job with the women on the roster, its inexcusable for the lack of proper use to continue on the main roster. WWE Raw beefed up its women’s division with picks like Damage CTRL, Kiana James, and Lyra Valkyria, while SmackDown picked up a great worker in Blair Davenport. These are all great moves, but none of them will matter if another year passes and fans are still calling for improvements to how this group of talented wrestlers are used.

Long Term Stories

Now that WrestleMania 40 has passed, Triple H has the opportunity to begin to create some long-term stories that will shape the future of the division. When looking at it through this lens, it makes a bit more sense why there wasn’t a lot of movement and surprises in the 2024 draft. The company is stepping out of the bad creative that plagued it for decades, and fans are enjoying the direction. Keeping things structured a bit and using 2024 as a building year makes sense. This draft is akin to a professional team attempting to keep the foundation in place while making some key moves for the long-term future. Only time will tell if that’s the case.