5 funniest wrestlers in pro wrestling

Comedy has a place in professional wrestling and these are the five best in today's industry.
Monday Night RAW
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The athletic nature of professional wrestling is important. There’s something special about the performers that go out and commit athletic feats that are almost superhuman. And they do it multiple times a night. But there’s something equally important about the entertainment aspect of the industry. The idea that “sports entertainment” is a disgusting term needs to go away, as sports in of themselves are entertaining. Thus, pro wrestling should be entertaining at all times. Which is why comedic wrestlers have a place in the industry. Making the crowd and viewers laugh at the foolishness of scripted violence is a special skill. These are the five funniest performers in the industry today.


R-Truth is both on this list for his current work and his legacy of comedy in wrestling. However, before diving into R-Truth’s legacy making people laugh, it is important to point out that he is a fantastic professional wrestler, and the first Black man to be NWA World Champion. Do not ever forget that as it should be the first accolade mentioned when his name comes up.

But R-Truth is the funniest person in professional wrestling. His timing and popping up in ridiculous situations fit even when they shouldn’t. His being a part of Judgment Day should have never worked, but it did for an extensive run. He runs out to battle royal, pulls out a ladder, and climbs it – again, that should not have worked, but it did because of R-Truth. The 24/7 Title worked because of R-Truth. His legacy is packed with hilarious moments and he deserves to be on this list.

Orange Cassidy

Orange Cassidy is an exceptional comedic wrestler. Even before he joined AEW, he did a great job making people laugh with his lazy millennial gimmick. Seeing him on a larger stage in AEW further magnifies his gimmick and shows how funny he can be. The best part of it is that he’s not doing slapstick-style comedy, but it’s all based on timing and body language. More often than not, he wears glasses so his expression is hidden, making it even harder. Yet, Cassidy continues to make people laugh, and he can still flip a switch to a serious threat to any opponent standing in his way.

Toni Storm

Remember when Toni Storm got hit in the face with a pie? That was the extent of what Vince McMahon saw in her abilities. Thankfully, she left and joined AEW. At first, it didn’t look like she would be given the space to grow, but thankfully that would not be the case.

Enter the “Timeless” Toni Storm gimmick. This run as AEW Women’s World Champion has been excellent. Even before getting the title, her descent into Anna Nicole Smith-like madness was hilarious to watch. Every time there’s a microphone in Storm’s face you can believe she’s going to give you some gold. She’s playing this character perfectly and along the way, she’s helped elevate the women’s division. As it enters this next phase with Mariah May, it’s important to recognize how well Storm has played this character. And don’t forget, she can flip the switch into a dangerous foe as well, making her more interesting along the way.

Ariana Grace

Ariana Grace is a new entrant on this list. She’s been in the industry for six years, with her most recent accolades coming as a part of the WWE NXT roster. Her current roster as a pageant queen has been hilarious to watch. She has great timing and facial expressions that delivers during her matches, promos, and segments. Plus, she comes into the conversation with a secret weapon – her father is Santino Marella, a fantastic comedic wrestler in his own right. It will be interesting to see how Grace grows in this role in years to come, but what she’s done so far in WWE NXT should be highlighted.

Toru Yano

And then there’s Toru Yano. This guy is pure shenanigans. He gets everyone involved in his antics during his matches and it is ridiculous to watch him get away with it. You can’t help but laugh, as his matches look more like a Looney Tunes episode and he outwits everyone along the way. You don’t even need to be able to understand Japanese to recognize that shenanigans are going down. Much like R-Truth, Toru Yano’s legacy is amazing. He’s been in the industry for 22 years and will be a Hall of Famer. But he’s got a lot of comedy to offer between now and then.