R-Truth should get one final run as a singles champion in WWE


R-Truth has quite the legacy in professional wrestling and seeing him get one last run with an established championship would be a big send-off. 

With so many distinct reasons to watch professional wrestling, comedy has firmly established a place for itself in the industry. One of the best comedic wrestlers in space is none other than R-Truth. And while comedy is all fun and good, it would be amazing to see R-Truth get some type of singles title run one last time before his career is over.

R-Truth is a firm example of “Black doesn’t crack,” as he doesn’t look anything like his 51 years of age and 26 years of experience. But Father Time is undefeated and will come for all our favorite stars at some point. Ignoring the WWE 24/7 Championship, the last time R-Truth held a title was back in 2019 when he had a 35-day run as the WWE United States Champion. Before that, Truth’s legacy includes several title runs and big moments. Not only did he challenge for the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship during the 2010s, but he also held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship – becoming the first African-American performer to hold that title and be a world champion in TNA.

That’s a fantastic legacy that is often ignored when thinking about its current place in WWE. Truth’s comedic timing and delivery constantly leave his colleagues struggling to maintain character in front of the camera. Truth truly embodies the E in WWE, but he can still work the W for wrestling as well when the need arises.

This isn’t a call for Truth to win either of the top titles on WWE Raw or SmackDown. But imagine a situation where he was the man to unseat Logan Paul as the US Championship. Paul could easily overlook Truth as an opponent, just to slip up in a big match against the former champion. Or, what about slotting Truth within the WWE NXT title picture and seeing him pick up a championship there? He would have been a great name to unseat Dominick Mysterio for the NXT North American Championship had the story taken that direction.

Orange Cassidy was able to stand on his foundation as a comedy wrestler to put together one of the best runs in 2023. R-Truth wouldn’t have to hold the title for nearly a year, but it would mean a lot to see him get a month’s long run as a mid-card title holder at this point in his career. Many of today’s fans might not realize the legacy he’s crafted for himself in this industry and giving him the moment of holding a title on his waist one last time would be the perfect way to remind the masses.

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