AEW and WWE News: Becky Lynch's Contract, Double or Nothing Main Event, King and Queen of the Ring Finals

There's a lot to look forward to in professional wrestling this week as both AEW and WWE feature two big shows this weekend.
WrestleMania 40
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This is a big week for All Elite Wrestling, as the company heads into Double or Nothing, set for Sunday, May 26. This week’s episodes of Dynamite, Collision, and Rampage will bring together the final pieces of the card and hopefully, clear up speculation around the PPV’s main event. That story, along with the advancing King and Queen of the Ring tournaments are some of the bigger stories to watch both in and out of the ring for AEW and WWE.

Double or Nothing’s Main Event

The push continues to see Willow Nightingale and Mercedes Mone main event AEW Double or Nothing. AEW recently announced that the show will have three main events, Mone versus Nightingale, Swerve versus Christian Cage, and the Anarchy in the Arena match. Many fans questioned that decision and announcement as a Tony Khan “cop out.”

Why not give the women the main event instead of announcing three? AEW hasn’t had an event with “three main events” in its five-year history, so why now when there’s a big push and reason for the women to finally get a featured spot as the big match of the night? Dynamite is scheduled to feature another promo segment between Nightingale and Mone, with many hoping that will be the moment the match is announced.

Becky Lynch’s Contract Status

Becky Lynch is one of the most important women in professional wrestling. Even with such a status, she’s close to being a free agent as she hasn’t re-signed with WWE as of recent reports. The WWE Women’s World Champion is set to defend that title against Liv Morgan at the King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, May 25. Fans expect her to drop the title, even if she had a new contract. Questions surround whether WWE will find a way to get the deal done with Lynch, or if she’ll take some time to step away from active competition to focus on other things. Or could she make a leap to another organization?

Booking the finals of the King & Queen of the Ring

With the two tournaments coming to an end on Saturday, WWE is using this week to put together the finals for both brackets. The expectations are for Gunther and Randy Orton to make it through for what will be a huge men’s match on the PPV. It will be interesting to see the response to Jey Uso however, as he’s very over with fans but that hasn’t translated into a major win yet.

The women’s side is a bit more difficult to predict. Lyra Valkyria is getting a big push behind her, the same that saw her rise through NXT and be the woman to defeat Lynch. If she gets past Iyo Sky and makes it to the finals, she should be the favorite to win. Expect some shenanigans in the Nia Jax versus Bianca Belair match to open the door for some new tag team title challengers, while seeing Jax through to the finals.