AEW must book Jeff Cobb vs Samoa Joe for the sickos

Jeff Cobb is looking for a match at Forbidden Door III and none other than Samoa Joe should answer the call.
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New Japan Pro-Wrestling - Wrestling DONTAKU / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

AEW fans love meaty men and there are few that are as meaty as Jeff Cobb. The multiple-time champion is looking for a fight at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door III on June 30. Samoa Joe is the perfect person to answer that call, not only for himself, but for another part of his growing angle with Hook.

Let’s be clear. If AEW were to announce Cobb versus Joe, that’s the type of match that would get the hardest of the hardcore fans in the seats. They have never shared a ring together, making this potentially the only time it could happen. That alone makes this a fantastic match to even dream about.

But take things a step further and think about the implications this match could have for what is happening with Joe and Hook. It’s a great way to get Cobb on AEW television again in the future. Say he defeats Joe and Hook steps up to challenge him. Or the opposite, Cobb wins and calls Hook out himself. Either way is a step in the story that furthers things between the two men and creates some interesting matches along the way.

For those unfamiliar with Jeff Cobb, this man is a hidden gem on the NJPW roster. He’s performed in several organizations, including at least one match in AEW each year since 2022. But somehow, he still flies under the radar when it comes to naming some of the best big men in professional wrestling. Any name who is on that list, Cobb can go with them in the ring. He’ll probably throw them on their head along the way as well. His highlight reel includes some insane feats of strength in the ring. In many ways, Cobb is the type of worker that’s perfect for AEW.

Jeff Cobb doesn’t have an opponent for Forbidden Door III, but he’s opening campaigning to take on someone. If Tony Khan is really one of the “sickos” he claims to be, then he must prove his allegiance to the group and book Samoa Joe versus Jeff Cobb. This is the type of match that this PPV was meant to showcase and perhaps the only time fans may see it happen. Do it, Tony. Do it for the sickos.