Professional wrestling's All-Meat Team

"Meaty men, slapping meat" is a hilarious phrase that has entrenched itself into wrestling. These are names that stand out as inaugural members of the All-Meat Team.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling - G1 CLIMAX 33
New Japan Pro-Wrestling - G1 CLIMAX 33 / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

Thanks to Big E, there’s a popular phrase in professional wrestling that Big E got off the ground with a hilarious video clip that has been played for years. “Big meaty men slapping meat,” was a joke response that has turned into a potentially featured match on a PPV. Fans chant “meat” any time two big men slug it out in the middle of the ring. Looking around wrestling, these are five names that stand out for Daily DDT’s first edition of the “All-MEAT Team.”

NJPW: Jeff Cobb

Anytime a conversation starts about wrestlers putting on ridiculous feats of strength, Jeff Cobb needs to be a part of the discussion. The former Olympian transitioned well into professional wrestling, as he’s a multiple-time champion across major promotions. He’s found the most success in New Japan, but also held important titles in Lucha Underground and PWG. There are several clips across social media that show off just how strong Cobb is, as he’s played catch with human beings like a typical day in the park. Even though he stands at 5’10, he comes in at 262 pounds and performs like one of the biggest men in the industry.

WWE: Oba Femi

Oba Femi is the youngest member on this list and the newest to this industry. He’s only 25 years old, but WWE has already shown a lot of interest in pushing Femi to incredible heights. He picked p the NXT United States Championship and Fightful Select reported that minds backstage see him as a potential world champion on the main roster. Standing 6’4” and 273 pounds, Femi is towering over much of the NXT roster and truly stands out to be considered a top candidate from WWE for the All-MEAT team.

AEW: Big Bill

Big Bill is one of the better comeback stories in professional wrestling. His struggles and successful return are well-chronicled, and his work in All Elite Wrestling has widely been considered a success. It’s an exceptional turnaround that deserves praise, as those stories can often turn tragic. His pairing with Ricky Starks has worked better than initially expected, and there’s space for him to have a strong singles run if that opportunity ever comes around. At 6’10” and 282 pounds, Big Bill is one of the biggest men on the roster and easily a candidate from that promotion for the All-Meat Team.

TNA: Jordynne Grace

Jordynne Grace is a power player in women’s professional wrestling. She killed it as a surprise entrant in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble and she stood out in that position. The current TNA Knockouts World Champion is perhaps the epitome of what that division means to wrestling as TNA frequently positions the women’s division as a top draw. Grace is a featured member of that division. But she’s more than capable of standing against men, and when you’re as powerful as she continues to show, it’s clear that she’s an easy candidate to include on the All-Meat Team.

Free Agent Honorable Mentions: Jacob Fatu & Alex Hammerstone

Jacob Fatu and Alex Hammerstone were two vital parts of the MLW roster, but recent reports list them as free agents at a big time in the wrestling industry. Hammerstone and Fatu were linked to a big angle that put the two men against each other in what was perhaps the biggest match to not happen in one of the big two North American companies. Now, as they head into the next phase of their career it will be interesting to see where they end up. Either way, both men will continue to pummel men with offense firmly based on their stature as deserving members of the All-Meat Team.