Andrade's slow presentation in WWE

Andrade is back in WWE, but there will be a wait before he's presented as a top star on SmackDown.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

WWE has a stacked roster, from top to bottom. Across three weekly shows with seven hours of programming, there’s so much talent on this roster that some individuals may not get the time fans believe they deserve. There’s a rumbling online that Andrade is such an individual and there’s a push to see him presented as a bigger star.

Andrade is back from his stint in AEW. It was there that some complained about how that company leveraged the performer. As that company added big name after big name, Andrade was one who fell to the wayside. When coupled with reports that he intended to head back to WWE at the first opportunity, it was clear that his time with the company wasn’t going to bear the fruit that his biggest fans wanted to see.

Six months into his WWE return and Andrade has competed in seven televised matches. He was moved over to SmackDown and immediately inserted into an angle opposite of the LWO – much to the chagrin of fans who complain about performers of similar backgrounds being paired together. This is a feud that has the potential to create some excellent matches. Andrade versus Angel Garza, Humberto Carrillo, and especially Santos Escobar should get fans excited. But something about Andrade’s presentation still seems “off” when compared to the perception of where fans want to see him on the roster.

So where does he fit on the roster? SmackDown is led by several top stars in the men’s division. Cody Rhodes, LA Knight, Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, and even Logan Paul sit above him in the pecking order. Overcoming Escobar and the LWO would help elevate him into the mid-card, where there’s a route to him regaining the WWE United States Championship. When? Perhaps he could be considered in reach of that title by the end of the year. But currently, it doesn’t seem like he’s in any plans for a championship run.

With Money in the Bank coming up in July, Andrade could be included in that match. It would be a great way to feature him in a big, annual matchup. But again, he’s not a favorite to pick up the briefcase. Will some of his fans complain about that? Sure. But again, while he has all the makings of being a top star, now just isn’t the time for him to take one of those spots on the roster.

Andrade is an excellent professional wrestler. He looks every bit the superstar and wrestles as such. But he’s a part of a packed SmackDown roster and with so many names ahead of him, it is just not his time at the top or with a televised championship around his waist. However, if the opportunity presents itself, Andrade will shine in the main event.