LA Knight's place in a crowded WWE main event picture

In what appears to be a crowded main event scene in WWE right now, where does the megastar LA Knight fit?

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It seems like ions ago when LA Knight faced Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Going into the Premium Live Event back in November, Knight had all of the momentum to dethrone Reigns for the title. He fell short and since then has been chasing Championship gold ever since.

A lot has happened since he faced off with Reigns as well. A returning Randy Orton, AJ Styles (injury), and Kevin Owens (trade for Jey Uso) have all returned to Smackdown. In addition to that, CM Punk returned on the Raw brand. Doing so has created an even more crowded main event scene on Smackdown. Where exactly does he fit in?

If Knight is going to win gold in 2024, there are only three different ways for that to happen. Either he becomes the next challenger for Logan Paul's United States Championship, wins the Elimination Chamber at the upcoming PLE for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL, or WWE does what they already do from time to time and that ignores the "brand split" that took place last year and has Knight challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship.

Now let's say Cody Rhodes finishes the story at WrestleMania XL and becomes the new face of the Smackdown brand. That could change the entire landscape because there isn't a 1,000-plus day streak as champion on the line. Once that streak is over and Reigns loses the Undisputed title, the main event scene opens up tremendously. We're only a couple of months away from the year anniversary of Rollins winning the World title at Night of Champions. Nearly a year later, Knight has his sights set on both Rollins and the World title.

Knight is a guy the crowd is anticipating getting his first run as champion on the main roster. It's been over a year since Knight dropped the Max Dupri gimmick and at this moment, it appears the plan is for him to continue a feud with AJ Styles.

WWE has done a great job building up all of the singles titles on both Raw and Smackdown to the point where fans wouldn't be upset if Knight were to dethrone Gunther or take the United States Championship from Paul. Honestly, the WWE Universe just wants to see him win some gold. It's clear WWE was hesitant on putting a world title on Knight so early in his prominence on the main roster, but putting a midcard title on him tests the waters so to speak. This may be the best scenario for Knight as of right now with a stacked main event scene in WWE.