Booker T talks Trick Williams and Jacob Fatu's WWE futures, 'Most Wanted Treasures' and more

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer offers his insight on two top prospects in wrestling right now, the state of NXT and much more.
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Booker T has been synonymous with WWE in some form or fashion for the better part of the past two decades and can currently be seen and heard every Tuesday night on NXT commentary.'

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer is also back as a host for his second season of WWE's Most Wanted Treasures, airing new episodes every Sunday on A&E. Joining are fellow legends Lita and Mick Foley as they hunt down some of the most iconic memorabilia in the company's illustrious history.

Season 3 has so far followed the same formula as the preceding seasons and has allowed Booker to continue connecting with the WWE audience on an entirely new level.

"It definitely gives you a blueprint for how to approach the next season," Booker told Daily DDT about how filming for Season 2 prepared him for Season 3. "Last season was a little bit different than this one as far as who I was paired with. Lita and Mick made it so easy for me as far as the treasures go. Not only have been around each other for a long time but also the respect we have for each other. Mick Foley has truly given his life to this business. Lita, on the women's side, has brought so much attention as far bringing more and more women into this sport than perhaps anyone.”

As seen on the show, some fans have a tougher time than others when it comes to parting with their most prized possessions. Booker acknowledged that he and his co-hosts had to "tug on the heartstrings" a time or two to get what they wanted, even encouraging Dominik Mysterio to "shed a tear" during his appearance on the program.

Most of the memorabilia collected on WWE's Most Wanted Treasures is on full display every WrestleMania weekend at Axxess—which has since been rebranded as WWE World—for fans to be able to experience in person.

Booker noted he was kept busy throughout WrestleMania 40 weekend and didn't have the chance to see the WWE relics firsthand. He was behind the booth for NXT's signature Stand & Deliver event that Saturday afternoon where he called all of the action and had the best seat in the house for Carmelo Hayes vs. Trick Williams and everything else on the card.

As polarizing as Booker's commentary can be, his enthusiasm is undoubtedly infectious. He revealed that he doesn't like to know what's about to happen while he's on commentary in order to make his reactions more genuine.

"I don't read the script as far as the matches on a weekly basis," he said. "I have my chemistry with Vic, but that's it. My primary objective goal is not being a commentator, I'm an analyst. I try to keep the show fun, but I try to analyze it from a perspective where you can get some education out of it as well. We have a lot of young guys coming up. Young guys are going to make mistakes and I have to be able to call them out on their mistakes. As far as being friends, I need to let them know this is not a
friendship business. It's a very selfish business if you want to make it to the top.”

Booker replaced Wade Barrett on the announce desk in October 2022 and has served as both an advocate and a mentor for many on the roster. Watching them move onto bigger and better things on the main roster is part of the process, but that doesn't make it any less sad to see them go.

Tiffany Stratton, Bron Breakker, and Ivy Nile are among those he's been the highest on, and expects them to become big-time stars on SmackDown and Raw. He stressed that the preparation that comes with being an NXT star is ultimately what gets them to the next level, adding that he's "living his best life as far as working with these young guys.”

In regards to recent criticisms from Wrestling Observer Radio's Dave Meltzer regarding Booker T pupil Trick Williams not being "that good," the multi-time world champion put over the prospect as a main-eventer-in-the-making.

"It's objective to the person that's watching him," Booker said. "I never really look at that side of it because I wasn't really that great of a wrestler myself. I just acted like I was a good wrestler! Trick Williams does something so captivating and that's being able to connect with that crowd. That crowd wants to see him win and come up just because of the charisma he displays on a weekly basis. He's a good dude as well. His wrestling, that's going to come. I talk to Trick all the time as far as that aspect of his game and that's not something that happens overnight.”

Williams is set to challenge Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship on Night 1 of NXT's two-week Spring Breakin' television special. Despite the stipulation stating that Williams must leave NXT if he loses, the belief among fans is that it's a swerve and he'll be staying put on the black-and-gold brand for the foreseeable future.

Booker believes that's where he belongs as he continues to hone his skills, work on his aura, and develop into a top talent.

"Is Trick Williams ready for the main roster right now? Me, personally, I don't think so," he said. "But that's what NXT is for; to get these young guys ready for the next level, just like Carmelo Hayes. Carmelo Hayes has been grinding in NXT for the last two years. Give Trick Williams that same amount of time and see how this young man develops. He is truly going to be a generational talent in this business that hasn't come around in a long time.”

How NXT plans to replenish the pot coming out of the upcoming WWE Draft remains to be seen, but it isn't something the brand has typically struggled with in the past. Shawn Michaels has largely excelled in his role as NXT's head booker since 2021 and Booker has enjoyed the product watching from the sidelines.

“I think Shawn's doing a hell of a job," he said. "He's got a hell of a team in NXT and it seems like it's a totally different vibe than what's going on on the main roster as far as SmackDown and Raw. Every time we lose one, we replace them... We have lost some really, really mainstream talent in NXT, but it seems like the boat's still floating as fast as it's been for the last two years since I've been there. For me, I like the direction as far as what NXT is doing to prepare these young guys for the next level.”

One of the newest names who could soon be added to the NXT roster is Jacob Fatu. All signs point to him immediately debuting on SmackDown and joining a Solo Sikoa-led Bloodline, but Sikoa first made his presence felt on NXT before arriving on the blue brand and thus it wouldn't be out of the question for Fatu to do something similar.

Booker has publicly discussed being a major supporter of Fatu behind the scenes and doing everything in his power to get him signed by WWE. He knows the former MLW World Heavyweight champion is going to turn a ton of heads once he gets that opportunity to show what he can do on a grand stage.

"He deserves to be there," Booker said about Fatu. "He's a talent we haven't seen in many, many years. The guy is really that good and being able to work up close and personal with him at Reality of Wrestling has been a joy for me. I don't want to give anything away or anything like that, but I can tell you this: Jacob Fatu is definitely going to make that move and he's going to make that move real soon. Trust me. It's going to happen.”

As for his own "most wanted treasure" he'd want back in his possession, Booker specifically singled out the WCW World Television Championship belt he originally won back in 1997.

“Probably the WCW Television Championship because that's the title that sparked my career and gave me a chip in the game," he said. "It meant so much to me because I wasn't even supposed to win the title the night I won it. Rick Martel was supposed to win the title and he forgot his boots and his gear in Canada and they needed to get the title off Disco Inferno. 'Book, we're going to put the title on you and then transition it to Rick Martel. You'll have a few weeks.' I said to myself, 'They're never going to get this title off my waist.' Six championship reigns later, perhaps realizing I could be main event material, perhaps I could be world championship material. It all started with the World Television Championship.”

WWE's Most Wanted Treasures airs Sundays on A&E at 9/8c.