WWE must make a play for Jacob Fatu when he becomes available

Free agency is at a major high in professional wrestling and Jacob Fatu is a name that WWE must make a big push to acquire when he becomes available.
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2024 is set to be a major year in professional wrestling free agency. Names such as Kazuchika Okada, Drew McIntyre, Becky Lynch, and others are reported to have either left their primary locations or dealing with contracts ending this year. There’s another name that continues to pop up on social media, and that is one of Jacob Fatu. The MLW performer is one of those must-see talents outside major organizations, but there’s a growing push to see him in WWE.

In July 2020, Carlos Toro of Fightful reported that MLW and Fatu agreed to a multi-year contract extension that would see him perform in that organization through “late 2025.” One month in 2024 and it seems like the “Jacob Fatu in WWE” agenda is wide awake. Take Booker T. speaking about his work to get Fatu signed within WWE, he talked about that on his platform the Hall of Fame podcast. Or Rikishi Fatu (Jacob’s uncle) tweeting about Fatu’s impending free agency, hinting that he could be available in 2024.

Fatu has all the makings of a WWE superstar. Of course, fans want to see him inserted into The Bloodline angle. That tale is wrapped around his family and he could be an interesting addition to the matter. Fatu versus Roman Reigns could be built into a major match but think about the dominating force of Fatu and Solo Sikoa as a tag team taking on the re-joined Usos.

Fatu could even go on his own journey as an individual performer. Look at some of his matches in MLW and you’ll see a performer that can do it all. He has an enveloping character that immediately draws the eye of viewers, and his in-ring abilities do not disappoint. Imagine Fatu going up against men like Ricochet, Dragon Lee, LA Knight, Seth Rollins, and so many others. Yes, each one of those matches would “hump.”

Fatu is only 31 years old. He perfectly fits that role and age as a youthful performer that the company can build around for the future.

In the eyes of some, WWE is “losing” the free agency battle so early in 2024. While there are many days left in the year, WWE has an opportunity to make some moves that will continue to build out the roster with younger, engaging talent. Jacob Fatu perfectly checks those boxes and is someone that the promotion should be chasing the moment he becomes a free agent.