Brock Lesnar must never appear on WWE television again if allegations are true

The allegations against Vince McMahon included various situations with Brock Lesnar that should disqualify him from appearing in the company ever again if they are proven true.
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Thursday, January 25 was a damning moment in the legacy of Vince McMahon as a lawsuit filed against him alleged years of abuse, sexual assault, and sex trafficking. Fans, media members, critics, and everyone in between were shocked when Brock Lesnar was named in the report, linking him to one of the biggest news stories in the history of the industry.

The official legal complaint filed and shared with media noted a “former UFC Heavyweight Champion the company was actively trying to re-sign” in 2020. Lesnar is the only man that fits that description and the Wall Street Journal stated that he was the individual in question. According to the report, the victim was instructed to create “personalized sexual content” for Lesnar to which he responded. There was also an alleged planned meeting between the two, but a snowstorm prevented the interaction from happening. Lesnar has not commented on the matter as of Friday, January 26.

This comes at a time when WWE was rumored to be gearing up to bring Lesnar back into the fold. It’s Royal Rumble season, and that’s always a moment when top stars make their return to the organization. Fightful Select reported about his planned return on Friday and that his planned return may change due to these allegations that came out on Thursday.

It shouldn’t have to be said, but decision-makers in professional wrestling frequently struggle to do the right thing. If these allegations end up being true, Brock Lesnar must not be allowed back on WWE content in any form or fashion. The allegations outlined in the legal documents are beyond anything understood as prior allegations against McMahon started to arise in recent years. To see Lesnar’s name among them and his reported reaction adds another layer to this situation that cannot be ignored. He must not be welcomed back in any fashion if it's true.

WWE is heading into a new era under new ownership in Endeavor. Endeavor has had its struggles with handling misconduct with the men in its employ, see situations with UFC President Dana White and former UFC Champion Conor McGregor as examples. The time is now to show the world that these matters will not be tolerated any longer.

If all these terrible allegations are true, both Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar must go, and be effectively erased from WWE history. The same way the organization did to Chris Benoit and attempted to do to others for simply standing on their value. These allegations must be treated with the utmost severity, especially to show that the company is taking the safety of the women in its employ seriously. If WWE and Endeavor fail to do so this time around, then everyone involved deserves the criticism that will come.

It is time for professional wrestling to do better. And doing better means that Brock Lesnar must not ever be welcomed back into the company again.