Bron Breakker's WWE Raw intro is going perfectly

Bron Breakker is set to be a major star on WWE Raw and his introduction on the show is exactly how it should go.
Friday Night SmackDown
Friday Night SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

Bron Breakker smashed another victim on the May 20 edition of WWE Raw. His latest victim may have lasted a few minutes, but that was because Breakker toyed with him before ending things in violent fashion. WWE has managed Breakker’s introduction to the main roster fantastically, and it will be interesting to see where the company takes the young prospect.

Breakker was re-introduced to the WWE main roster back in February before being officially drafted to Monday Night Raw. During that time, he’s yet to have a match that lasts more than 90 seconds. At least that was until he crushed his latest victim on Raw. It was that incident that set the story in motion that Breakker is letting loose because he wasn’t involved in the King of the Ring Tournament. Going this route with him immediately solidifies him as a threat and adds additional value to a tournament that is frequently an afterthought.

He attacked Ricochet setting up what would surely be a match in the weeks to come. Ricochet is an excellent performer and will make sure Breakker looks like a force. Unfortunately, that means an expected loss or two for Ricochet, which is questionable as he nears the end of his contract. But that’s another topic for another piece.

WWE is handling Breakker fantastically, building him as a believable threat. This is more like his initial run in WWE NXT which saw him challenge for the championship with just four matches under his belt. He’d win that title a few weeks later and go on a solid run in that brand.

That same strategy shouldn’t come into play on the main roster. There are too many stars in place and in the main event picture that deserve consideration. But that doesn’t mean Breakker has to remain titleless for long. The Intercontinental Championship is right there for the picking toward the end of 2024, or as late as WrestleMania 2025. The challenge is keeping Breakker in meaningful feuds where he looks like he’s facing a challenge along the way. Right now, he’s basically the Juggernaut and running through foes. But at some point, he’ll run into an immovable object that’s ready to oppose him. That’s when things will get interesting. How does WWE keep him hot if Breakker is no longer seen as the indestructible force? That’s when things get fun.

Bron Breakker was a made-man while he was in NXT. That momentum has followed him to the main roster as he’s booked as a scary foe for anyone standing in his way. This push will lead to him becoming the Intercontinental Champion before the end of 2024 as the company has a future main event star on its hands.