Bryan Danielson's final run will be an epic story in AEW

All Elite Wrestling will go out of its way to give Bryan Danielson the respect he deserves in his final run.
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Bryan Danielson is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He deserves that recognition. There are several “eras” of Danielson that are worth chronicling. AEW fans are about to witness another as he goes on his final quest to close out what has been an epic career. 

Danielson’s run in AEW is something that professional wrestling needed. He came into the company standing on what was already a Hall of Fame career. But he’s spent the last few years building that legacy by allowing others to build on him. While there are some who complain that Danielson loses too much, he clearly wouldn’t have it any other way. As he’s picked up several wins, it is the big moments that he loses, allowing men like MJF, Eddie Kingston, and Will Ospreay to get that Danielson push, leading to bigger things. It’s been a fun escapade to watch, but it is seemingly one that is coming to an end. 

For an example of how AEW intends to treat Danielson on this final tour, look no further than the company’s respectful send off of Sting. He wasn’t sent out on his back, or doing something belittling. He was allowed to stand tall in an arena that mattered to him with loved ones by his side. That’s the send off that Sting deserved, and thankfully it was one that he got thanks to Tony Khan and company. Danielson deserves a similar type of sendoff, and it is one that many are expecting to see him get. 

The Owen Hart Cup Tournament is a great place to start. He and Shingo Takagi put on a great match at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. Up next is a dream match against PAC. Danielson should get the win there and head one step closer toward the finals where he’d have the opportunity to win a shot at the AEW World Championship. The question is whether he’ll win the championship on his way out. There’s apprehension with thinking that Danielson would pick up a win and take the title, as the main event picture is clogged with Swerve Strickland, Will Ospreay, MJF and potentially others. But think about a scenario where Danielson gets the win and then vacates the title. Samoa Joe vacated the Ring of Honor TV Championship. Understandably, there was some push back on that step. Danielson could also win the belt, and quickly lose it to a top challenger. But again, there’s backlash in that booking decision too. There’s always the decision of not seeing him win the championship too, which could easily happen at this point in his career, allowing him to walk away the way he’s enjoyed, putting other superstars over. 

William Regal once called Bryan Danielson the perfect professional wrestler. That’s an opinion that would be hard to refute. He does everything right and builds the future of the industry. It will be interesting to watch AEW give him a final run. One that will come with some ups, but has the potential to come with the downs that brings everything to an end.