Chelsea Green would be a great Money in the Bank winner

If WWE is looking to do something different with the 2024 Money in the Bank briefcase, Chelsea Green would be a perfect choice to hold the briefcase.
SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

The field of competitors for the women’s Money in the Bank is partly complete. Two names are poised to make attempts to climb the ladder to secure a guaranteed shot at a women’s championship. Looking at the field of ladies without a title on the main roster, and WWE’s goal of building stars, perhaps it’s time they go in a different direction. Chelsea Green as the holder of the Money in the Bank would be an amazing testament to her abilities and offerings to WWE’s brand of sports entertainment.

Expectations are that Tiffany Stratton is the woman that will come out with the briefcase. This is an understandable claim, as Stratton quickly pushed her way up the roster and into the hearts of fans. She’s a future champion. It would be difficult to keep the championship off her for another year, so seeing her hold the briefcase for an extended period of time just to cash in and claim victory would be a viable path to get her there.

But let’s switch focus to another person holding the briefcase. Chelsea Green would excel in this role. When it comes to sports entertainment, especially the entertainment side, there’s nothing that Green can’t do. She’s one of those rare talents who can tie everything together when it comes to telling a story in the ring and outside of it. While she plays a comedy character, and has so for much of her career, Green has an ability to get people to care about her – even when she’s nowhere near the top of the card. Getting fans to care and keeping them caring is nearly a superpower in professional wrestling.

From an in-ring perspective, Green can keep up with the women on the roster. She doesn’t have that resume within WWE, due to her placement on the roster, but looking at her performances outside of the WWE and she’s done some great in-ring work. Her 2018 match against Pentagon Dark is perhaps her crowning achievement, but there are other entries of good matches in her catalog. Green can succeed when it comes to the sports aspect as well.

Chelsea Green with the Money in the Bank briefcase would be a menace to the WWE women’s roster. Watching her show up on both programs to threaten a cash-in, and get overlooked by the champion each time could be hilarious to watch. Plus, she has the wrestling acumen to tell a good story over time to raise interest in her achieving the final moment. Yes, it’s a long shot, but boy would it be fun to watch her torment the other women on the roster with a guaranteed title shot.