3 stars who need the Money in the Bank briefcase

The Money in the Bank briefcase can elevate a star and these are three performers who need it the most.
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Chelsea Green Piper Niven Jan.jpg /

Money in the Bank is the next PLE on the WWE schedule. Both the men’s and women’s fields are taking shape. As individuals qualify for the ladder match, there are big debates about who is the favorite to take home the briefcase. Looking at both rosters, here are three individuals who need the MITB briefcase the most.

LA Knight

At one point, LA Knight’s star power was undeniable. Fans were ready to see him slotted at the top of the WWE men’s division. Times have changed. While still immensely popular, Knight doesn’t have the same momentum he once held. Fans still chant his catchphrases, and rise to their feet when his theme hits, but where does he sit on the roster when compared to his peers on SmackDown? He’s firmly behind individuals like Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, and even Kevin Owens.

Knight needs a way to claw back toward the top and the Money in the Bank briefcase could be that. Even a reign as the WWE United States Champion seems like a step-down, but that is where he’s headed at this point.

Tiffany Stratton

Tiffany Stratton is a future star in WWE. The question is when does that rise truly happen? The fans are firmly behind her. She’s even quickly getting to the point where she has her own legion of toxic fans within wrestling Twitter – which is all too common for popular women in the industry. Stratton has shown she can work with the best in the industry. She’s caught on at a pace that is surprising and enjoyable to see at the same time.

At some point, WWE will want to place her in the title picture. The “when” is the real question. Giving her the Money in the Bank contract would allow her to remain a threat, while staying just outside the title picture for a bit longer.

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green is the gift that keeps giving. She’s one of the best comedic performers in the industry, and she never remains stale. Her character continues to grow every week, adding a new wrinkle that easily gets fans to chuckle every time she’s on camera. But she can also compete when she’s in the spotlight. She’s someone who could be booked as a credible champion if given the opportunity. She’s in a position to have a similar run to that of Carmella, another individual who was looked at as a comedic wrestler but grew into a pillar of the women’s division. If given the space, Green can be a superstar for the women’s division and the Money in the Bank briefcase is a way to get there.