Cody Rhodes vs Logan Paul is the right move for King and Queen of the Ring

Cody Rhodes needed a credible but not super-viable threat for the Saudi Arabia PLE and Logan Paul fills that void.
SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

Logan Paul is set to battle Cody Rhodes at WWE King and Queen of the Ring. WWE is heading back to Saudi Arabia and the company isn’t going to keep the biggest star off the card. Rhodes is doing numbers wherever he goes, so it makes sense to put him on every big show available. But he needs a challenger for this show, and it can’t be in the middle of a major push of their own. Logan Paul is the right fit for this role.

Paul is currently the longest-reigning champion in the WWE. He’s held the United States Championship for 190 days, and in a post-WrestleMania world, he’s enjoying the longest run in the company. While no one would bat an eye at him dropping the title on this Saudi show, putting him in a primary position on this show does have some benefits to the person booked to defeat him in the shows to come.

Paul is the name they bring in to lose on PPVs like these. He did so against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel in 2022 and Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39. But Paul’s run with the WWE has over-delivered in that he’s taking to the sports entertainment space much better than most. Even Ronda Rousey had words in which she pointed out that the support he’s received along the way helped him have a better run than when she transitioned from MMA to pro wrestling. While that is open to debate, it goes without saying that Paul is doing some good work in the WWE, even though it’s not for everyone.

He and Rhodes will have some good back-and-forth moments before their match on Saturday, May 25. Paul is the opposite of everything Rhodes represents in professional wrestling, and that is going to be played up perfectly heading into the PLE. Paul will get the right type of heat that continues to allow Rhodes to show off as the top babyface in the company.

Hopefully, this match opens the door for Paul to have a true challenger heading into the summer. The same is true for Rhodes. With SummerSlam on the horizon, this is the time for WWE to begin building major feuds that can carry one of the four big shows of the year. Most suspect that Rhodes will battle Randy Orton, which is a huge feud for him at this point in their career. Paul needs to have an opponent lined up as well. The midcard scene on SmackDown is a bit murky, but the division is deep and there are several names to go to.

Logan Paul versus Cody Rhodes is understandable pro wrestling booking 101. The hot, new champion needs a threat, but not one that fans will want to see get the victory. Paul is going to play that role perfectly at King and Queen of the Ring. Here’s to hoping WWE moves onto something big coming out of the May PLE.