Daniel Garcia must replace Darby Allin

Daniel Garcia as a member of Team AEW at Double or Nothing is the right move to make instead of an injured Darby Allin.
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AEW Double or Nothing is a week away. One of the featured bouts pits “Team AEW” against The Elite in an Anarchy in the Arena match. “Team AEW” was hit with a major injury thanks to Eddie Kingston sustaining what may be a broken leg. Being a man down, that group turned to Darby Allin, with many showing surprise that he stepped in. However, there’s still plenty of time for the story to shift to the replacement it should have been from the start – Daniel Garcia.

Garcia made the save for FTR and Bryan Danielson on the latest episode of AEW Collision. He and Danielson had a “moment” together, playing back to their series of matches when Danielson was trying to get Garcia out of Chris Jericho’s grip. That didn’t play out back then, perhaps one of the biggest story miscues for AEW to date. This is an opportunity to not only rectify that matter, but finally put the main event stamp on Garcia that many fans have longed to see.

Let’s be real for a moment. Darby Allin didn’t need to be the guy to step in for “Team AEW.” Just a few weeks ago he was hit by a bus while still recovering from another leg injury that cancelled his attempt to climb Mount Everest. At 31 years old, someone should tell Allin he should think about his longevity in the sense that he doesn’t need to be the one to jump to save a promotion when he clearly needs the time off. He was clearly limping while jumping in to save his teammates on AEW Dynamite, and there’s a point where his being compromised would lead to long-term damage. Yes, it is a great perception to see him committed to the promotion, but when has that ever worked out well in the long term for the employee?

Garcia, on the other hand, needs this exposure. AEW has wasted his organic momentum at least two times before. First, there was the episode with Jericho when Garcia was poised to be the man to snatch away the ROH World Championship. Then, his momentum was cut coming out of the Continental Classic. Yes, Garcia is young but at some point, the start and stop with him will cause viewers to no longer take him seriously.

Garcia has all the makings to be a huge star for this promotion. He represents everything that the hardcore AEW fanbase loves about professional wrestling. And he’s also good at the sports entertainment aspect. He should have been involved with this match from the start, but AEW can write off Allin with a sneak attack from The Elite, once again putting Team AEW at the disadvantage where they then turn to Garcia for the save. Plus, that would bring Garcia and Danielson closer together, perhaps continuing an angle that sees an eventual split between the BCC.

Daniel Garcia must replace Darby Allin. Not only for the latter’s health, but for the overall improvement of the angle and long-term development at the top of the card for AEW. This is yet another moment to give Garcia the main event stamp of approval. Here’s to hoping Tony Khan seizes the moment.