Dijak is a key role player on the WWE NXT roster

Fans may not see Dijak as a main event player, but he's someone that is necessary for any promotion's roster.
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The greatest sports teams throughout history have key role players. The individuals may not have all the highlights or interviews, but they make key plays when the organization needs them the most. Think of Robert Horry, Dennis Rodman, or Devin Hester as examples. The same could be said about professional wrestling. Promotions need performers they can count on and Dijak in WWE NXT is exactly that. As reports of his contract come to term soon, it will be interesting to see if WWE invests in keeping him on board.

In WWE, Dijak has been the consummate supporting character. He’s been with the organization since 2017 and has been well-featured throughout that time. He’s competed for multiple championships, especially in WWE NXT, but he’s never held a title of any kind in the company. Yet, if WWE needs a big man to put on a great match against any style of opponent, Dijak could be considered a go-to for that spot.

Look at his resume of matches. He and Ilja Dragunov can’t miss, including their match on the February 6 edition of WWE NXT. He has a host of matches against Keith Lee that were some of the best on the brand during that time. And don’t forget about the triple threat they had against Roderick Strong. Dijak can go, and it’s a shame that he’s not talked about more when it comes to the best big men in the business.

And no one is more committed to the character than he is. It’s almost comical, but Dijak is the perfect amalgamation of John Connor, The Terminator, and The Punisher in the most hilarious of ways. Professional wrestling is meant to be over-the-top and few are better at that in WWE than he is when it comes to believing in and representing his character on screen.

On Monday, February 5, Fightful Select reported that Dijak’s contract is expected to end in June of 2024. He’s one of several names that may experience free agency this year, but he will not pop up on a “must-sign” list. Does WWE make a move to keep him as a valued role player? Or does Dijak step outside the company to see if he can become a bigger star elsewhere? All promotions can use someone of his skill set, and he has a love for professional wrestling. He’s someone that should be coveted on any roster and it will be intriguing to see if any organization makes a major move to obtain his services.

Everyone isn’t a main event star in professional wrestling, but that doesn’t mean they are great at their craft. WWE may not book Dijak as a superstar, but he’s a key player in helping those who are reaching that level. With his deal reportedly coming up, he should be a name to watch during the free agency race of 2024.