Drew McIntyre versus CM Punk has potential to be the top feud of 2024

Drew McIntyre and CM Punk are wrapped in a major feud that has the potential to be one of the best across wrestling this year.
WrestleMania 40
WrestleMania 40 / WWE/GettyImages

Now that Drew McIntyre has re-signed with WWE, the fun can begin. He and CM Punk are embroiled in an amazing feud, and the two men haven’t had a single match. Thanks to the fallout from their interactions during the Royal Rumble, the wrestling community has enjoyed one of the more headline-worthy rivalries in the industry. And things can finally go off the hinges with both men secured to the company for the long term.

McIntyre and Punk have done so much without being able to get in the ring to compete. Initially, it was Punk who was injured, but now both men are out of action as they nurse their wounds. What this means is that they must lean on their ability to work the microphone to keep things interesting. Thankfully, these are two experts in that field. Punk and McIntyre continue to take shots at each other both verbally and digitally, as all things go on social media. It’s been a ride that the fans are enjoying.

But let’s get back to that match. Looking at the slate of PLEs coming up, WWE Clash at the Castle is the perfect place to put Drew McIntyre versus CM Punk in front of fans. The previous Clash at the Castle had an amazing crowd, and this year is going to have much of the same. If both men are medically cleared in June, that would be an exception contest that could mainly event the show, even without a championship in tow. With that setting and the momentum he has behind him, this is the exact match that McIntyre should be booked to win.

Still, McIntyre versus Punk is a world title-level feud. Perhaps that comes full circle in 2025 when the two men fight it out at WrestleMania 41. It would make sense for Punk to pick up the belt and possibly drop it to McIntyre, but there’s an understandable explanation for going in the other direction.

Drew McIntyre versus CM Punk is a marquee-worthy feud in every way. WWE did an excellent job keeping it hot for nearly four months without the two men having a match. When they finally get the opportunity to face each other, they are two performers who have the skills and experience to live up to the moment. WWE has the potential to create a “Feud of the Year” with these two men.