Drew McIntyre versus CM Punk is the biggest feud in wrestling

WWE is building Drew McIntyre versus CM Punk as the biggest angle in wrestling and they can deliver on that promise.
WWE Clash at the Castle Scotland
WWE Clash at the Castle Scotland / WWE/GettyImages

A happy accident at The Royal Rumble has created the opening for the biggest story in professional wrestling today. Drew McIntyre versus CM Punk has hit a new level after WWE Clash at the Castle: Scotland, and fans are going to be in for a ride. There are several different ways this angle can go, but at the end of the day, it is gaining momentum to be the top story in the industry.

There are so many different aspects to this angle between McIntyre and Punk. Of course, there’s the essence that Punk has cost McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He had Priest defeated, and Punk’s antics as a “referee” was the chef’s kiss on the moment. Both men have cost each other in drastic ways and both are going to suffer consequences for their actions. Who is in the right here? Neither, nor in many ways, is that the best thing about an angle at this level.

Another aspect of McIntyre versus Punk is that this angle does not need a championship. Will they battle over the championship in the future, probably – that should be a chapter in their tale. But right now, this story doesn’t need a belt. In fact, it’s better without it. Why? Because it allows the championship to gain more prestige as other men battle in the main event, and fans know that either McIntyre or Punk is in the rear-view mirror. Priest is working as a champion and Gunther is waiting in the wings. Who knows who will head into the end of 2024 and start of 2025 as the champion?

Clash at the Castle also featured Wade Barrett having some tough words for how WWE should manage Punk’s actions. It has been nearly two decades since Punk screwed over Barrett to take over the Nexus but think about WWE linking this story back to actions from that long ago. Amazing work by then. Barrett and McIntyre are friends, and while the former’s in-ring career may be over, he would be a fantastic addition to this story.

SummerSlam is on the horizon. The August 3 date will feature several major matches on the card. McIntyre versus Punk is one of those matches that must anchor the show. The feud is shaping up to be the biggest in wrestling this year, and both men can deliver when the bell rings. This is what professional wrestling is supposed to be and the energy around what is to come is palpable.