It's time to end The New Day

The New Day are in an odd holding pattern and it is time to split up the duo to tell a new story involving all three men.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

For a decade, The New Day has been one of the most important factions in professional wrestling. They represent more than just three fantastic performers in the ring. They represent Black Excellence in professional wrestling, something that doesn’t get highlighted very often or even on time. The group’s story has seen several twists and turns, but perhaps now is the time to tell the story of their on-screen split.

The New Day has achieved so much. In some iteration, they’ve held tag team titles on every WWE brand. It’s impossible to talk about tag team wrestling in WWE without mentioning this group. They’ve been so important in that space that their momentum elevated each member to their own form of singles success. KofiMania doesn’t happen without The New Day. Big E’s Money in the Bank victory and title run doesn’t happen without The New Day. Xavier Woods becoming The King of the Ring does not happen without The New Day. They’ve done so much, but not everything was available to them in WWE.

That is where the split comes into play. In 2024 the group is in a holding pattern. As WWE looks to rebuild the tag team division, the developing focus looks to feature other teams. Could Kingston and Woods work as tag champs right now? Certainly. But there’s so much to be done with other teams on the roster that it’s time to leverage The New Day in a different fashion.

Xavier Woods is the only individual in the group who has yet to hold a singles title of his own. That seems to be the catalyst to why Karrion Kross is singling him out. Each week, Kross drops the bug in his ear that Woods could potentially be better off on his own. Now, there’s no reason to believe that Kross cares about Woods in character, but imagine a world where Woods takes his advice and sets out on his own.

Woods has an amazing mind for professional wrestling and sports entertainment. In fact, he’s a consummate entertainer in all forms of the word. Whether babyface or heel, he’s continued to entertain with his wit and often overlooked in-ring abilities. Seeing him turn away from the group and break off on his own could be an interesting story. WWE is doing much better with telling long-term, effective stories, and the splintering of The New Day has the potential to be one of them.

Think about what a match between Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would look like. That is a PLE-worthy match or one that should get multiple segments of build and in-ring action. Take things a step further and imagine a promo segment between Big E, Kingston, and Woods discussing the breakup of the group. There’s so much that could be done there. What if Woods completely split from The New Day and returned to NXT to be a top challenger for Trick Williams? The fans would love to see it.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods are all reported to have their contracts set to expire at the end of the year. This would be a good time to do something different on television to build excitement for each of them – wherever that plays out.

Professional wrestling factions all come to an end. The New Day is still going, ten years strong. But perhaps the time to split them up is upon us. There’s some great storytelling to be told with all three men when their time comes to an end.