It's time to take the WWE US Title off Logan Paul

Logan Paul has put together a lengthy run as United States Champion but it is time for WWE to brig it to an end.
SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

Logan Paul is currently the longest-reigning champion in WWE. That’s a line that few would have predicted would come to fruition when the Internet star signed with the company. But he’s held WWE United States Championship since November 4 and it puts him in the lead when it comes to the current batch of title holders in the company. Yet, it is time to get that belt off Paul and onto someone who can elevate the mid-card on SmackDown.

Logan Paul has greatly over-achieved when it comes to professional wrestling. Many expected him to be yet another celebrity using the rub to get to other opportunities. But he’s shown an acumen in the ring and as a character that deserves praise. He’s done well when put in the ring against some of the top names in the company, delivering strong performances when the lights were shining the brightest. Putting a mid-card championship on him like the United States title makes sense, but it’s time to get that belt onto someone else within SmackDown.

Paul’s act has grown stale. It isn’t necessarily that he’s had a long run with the title that’s the problem. He’s held the title for 237 days, and as WWE moves toward longer runs for champions, that’s not the issue. He’s held that belt for 237 days, since November, and only defended it twice. The first was at The Royal Rumble in January, and the second came at WrestleMania 40. That’s not enough for a mid-card championship. Look at what WWE has done with its other mid-card champions to elevate not only the title but the person holding it. Gunther, Wes Lee, Oba Femi, and now Sami Zayn represent what fans want to see with belts at this level in WWE. Paul isn’t meeting that standard.

Yes, Paul is a superstar. He and his brother are icons to the demographic that WWE covets. But it’s time to move past him. WWE is red hot with its current roster, creative direction, and improved presentation of professional wrestling. With individuals like LA Knight, Santos Escobar, Andrade, Carmelo Hayes, and several more on SmackDown it is time to give someone else the space to build the division around them.

One of the major complaints about Cody Rhodes’s title run is that he hasn’t had threatening challengers to date. Part of the reason that is an issue is because SmackDown’s mid-card isn’t as strong as on other WWE shows. That’s indicative of the booking and Paul’s run as champion. Money in the Bank is coming up and rather than Paul having a challenge, he’s in the MITB Qualifier match on June 28. Does he have the potential to be a main-event champion in WWE? Yes, even as fans cringe at the idea. But the focus now should be on the title around his waist that he barely defends.

Logan Paul’s time as WWE United States Champion has run its course. After more than 200 days, WWE needs to get that championship on someone else. There are too many talented men on SmackDown that would thrive with that title and the roster chasing them.