Jack Perry could be a massive heel character for AEW

All Elite Wrestling needs to develop a big heel character for the future and that can be Jack Perry.
New Japan Pro-Wrestling
New Japan Pro-Wrestling / Etsuo Hara/GettyImages

Jack Perry is a major talking point in professional wrestling. Even though he’s not on either AEW or WWE television, it seems like the IWC, and some of the biggest stars in the industry can’t stop talking about him. All because of what went down backstage at All In back in 2023. The footage is being used to further the angle between The Young Bucks and FTR. But the real goal should be turning Jack Perry into an uber heel for All Elite Wrestling.

Fans want to see the bad guy finally be defeated. Floyd Mayweather made millions on the fact that fight fans wanted to see him take a loss. Movies, comic books, and video games are all built on the idea of the bad guy finally getting what’s coming to them. All Elite Wrestling has created its fair share of top heels, but it hasn’t built up a figure that’s so hated fans want to see him take the most definitive of defeats. Perry can become that first heel if this story around him is crafted correctly.

Perry’s doing good work in New Japan, performing under the nickname “The Scapegoat.” While there’s no timetable for his return to AEW, there’s an opportunity to push him to the moon with the right booking. Imagine slotting Perry alongside Matt and Nick Jackson as the newest member of The Elite. This would open the door to several different angles to come, that could cement Perry’s new character after multiple attempts to push him as a singles performer.

Think about this, Perry as a member of The Elite would put him into direct confrontation with Kenny Omega when he returns. MJF would also be another eventual foil once his pending angle with the Undisputed Kingdom runs its course. Imagine the rest of the AEW Pillars joining forces to deal with Perry and The Elite as a group. There are several different directions that AEW could take, but the decision to put Perry at the center of them would be the best one to make.

Wrestling fans just saw the type of response when a giant heel character is finally toppled via Cody Rhodes defeating Roman Reigns. This isn’t comparing a Jack Perry run to that of Roman Reigns, but instead drawing out the need that AEW must create a big heel character for their promotion and Perry could potentially fill that void.