Jordynne Grace vs Roxanne Perez is a major match for NXT Battleground

WWE shocked the world when Jordynne Grace stepped up as Roxanne Perez's next contender.
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Roxanne Perez needed an opponent for NXT Battleground and WWE delivered with none other than TNA Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace. Grace appeared on the May 28 episode of WWE NXT to shock the wrestling world as Perez’s next challenge. This is a big match for the upcoming PLE and says a lot about WWE’s view of Perez as a champion.

It looks like Grace wasn’t done with the Forbidden Door when she appeared in the WWE Royal Rumble back in January. She received a big ovation when she appeared in that match, and the same type of response followed her to NXT a few months later.

This was an excellent swerve as many expected Tegan Nox to step into this position. Several rumors were rising that WWE was interested in moving Nox from the main roster back to NXT, which would make sense to both give Nox some action and help reload the NXT women’s division with veterans.

Those rumors opened the door for the extraordinary surprise that was Grace. She’s talked openly about wanting to return to WWE for more action, and this is an amazing opening to do so. Perez has performed well in NXT and continues to gain momentum with this heel character. She’s a key piece that should become a foundational aspect to build around for the future of this division. Setting her up against Grace is a big opportunity to showcase Perez’s growth as the top woman on the NXT roster.

Even though Grace is the TNA Knockouts Champion, only Perez’s title is up for grabs. Will WWE put one of its titles on a competitor from another organization? Most likely not. WWE’s willingness to partner with other promotions probably won’t go that far. But that doesn’t make this match any less interesting or exciting. Seeing Perez, who has nearly a decade of experience, go up against Grace with almost 15 is going to be a true showcase in women’s wrestling. The wrestling community responded with praise to see the move. Even WWE Women’s Champion, Bayley, took to social media to express her support.

Roxanne Perez versus Jordynne Grace is a huge match for NXT Battleground. It will be a showcase not only for Perez but to further the narrative that WWE NXT is perhaps the best place for women’s wrestling in North America. This is a match that could main event the PLE and both women deserve the spotlight that’s to come.