Journey of Wrestling: Wrestling management sim makes its way to Steam

The popular browser-sim has finally been made available on Steam to wish list ahead of its full release. The developer tells Daily DDT what players can expect as JoW hits the major platform.
Journey of Wrestling | Steam
Journey of Wrestling | Steam /

Journey of Wrestling is officially coming to Steam. The online wrestling management sim launched in 2019 and is currently available to play on mobile and desktop browsers. It has seen constant updates and additional features including offline play.

Journey of Wrestling's creator, Mahin, told Daily DDT about the game hitting Steam:

"Seven years after it first launched, JoW will be launching on Steam. Release date will be announced soon," he said. "New features will include 30+ Steam Achievements, like Backyard to Global, visual improvements that will improve the UI and make it look more modern, the ability to leave and form your own company mid-game, and of course the game can run completely offline.

But Steam also opens new doors. Post launch, I'll work on workshop support so you can add mods, Steam Deck support so it works with a controller, leaderboards, and more.

It's been a long journey, but I'm really excited to refine the formula that I think makes JoW work, which is ease of use and creativity, and expand on it in new ways."

Existing players on the browser platform can access the ability to leave a new company mid-game as part of early access through Journey of Wrestling's Patreon. The game is currently available to play as two versions, a free trial with limited features and a paid version that unlocks all features. Features released via early access are exclusively available to JoW Patreon subscribers.

Back in February, Mahin told Daily DDT about getting JoW off of the ground after starting development in 2017.

"I was learning to program, learning Python by myself. The advice was to make little projects to get better, and I thought what better than to make a little wrestling game? I've been passionate about wrestling since I was a child, and loved playing general manager mode in wrestling video games. So I made a little program that ran in the terminal...I thought it was pretty fun, and found myself playing for hours that week.

I forgot about it for a while then. And I don't remember why, but maybe a year later I thought: 'Why not put it up for people to play?' . So I coded a web version and added some features like making your scenario, but it was still pretty bare-bones. You didn't have weekly shows, or segments, or feuds, or even gimmick matches. But I released it anyway, and well, forgot about it again. A few months later, I noticed that people were playing it, asking for more features, and realized there were some legs to this project. So I started fleshing it out, and I've been working on it ever since."

Mahin further told existing players on X that those who have already bought the paid version of the game on browser will not be expected to pay for the Steam version.