Kris Statlander will turn on Willow Nightingale

Kris Statlander has all the reason to show her true colors and turn on Willow Nightingale.
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AEW’s women’s division is picking up steam. There are several angles on television each week, all with their own intricacies and reasons to care. One of the biggest features Willow Nightingale preparing to take on Mercedes Mone at Double or Nothing. Within this angle, there’s a lot of finger pointing between the two women. While they have a lot to settle in this match, they should both be concerned with the force that is Kris Statlander. As this angle plays out, she’s going to show her hand and turn on Nightingale in hopes of re-establishing herself as the dominant TBS champion she once was. 

All of the eyes are on Mone and Nightingale as they march toward their big rematch. Nightingale picked up the title from Julia Hart at AEW Dynasty, and Statlander was there to celebrate with her. She recently appeared in a social media video with Stokely Hathaway celebrating Nightingale’s big win, further saying that she wants to see the new champion defend week after week. While that gives the perception of being a great friend, everyone knows that friends are just foes in waiting in professional wrestling. Statlandar has all the reasons why she wants to see Nightingale compete over and over in hopes of softening her up for her own opportunity to challenge for that title. 

Statlander’s TBS Championship run started off with a bang, being the only woman to defeat Jade Cargill a year ago. She would defend the title 14 times, but that was during a period in AEW when the women’s division was clearly an afterthought to Tony Khan. Times are different and with more focus on the division, it makes sense that Statlander would feel slighted that she didn’t get the same spotlight while being champion. That all makes sense and would be central to the story. 

Mone is seeking to find out who attacked her a few weeks ago. She’s pointed at Nightingale potentially being the culprit. While that is a good guess, she should look at Statlander who has the most to gain from these two women fighting. 

But there’s another element as well. Trent Baretta turned on Orange Cassidy, kicking off a violent feud between those two. When Baretta first turned, Statlander confronted him backstage, only for the former to whisper something in her ear before walking away. Nothing has been made of that since, but it would make sense if that came back up and Statlander looked at Baretta’s turn as inspiration for her own. 

AEW’s women’s division is on fire. Each week this group goes out and continues to show why they are a draw to the wrestling community. But there’s a fan favorite within the group that fans should keep an eye on. That’s Kris Statlander, as she has all the motivation to turn on Willow Nightingale.