LA Knight is right about the timing of his WWE main event push

Fans want to see LA Knight as a champion in WWE, but his time has yet to come.

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Professional wrestling and sports entertainment fans are often loud about the stars they want to see at the top. There are times when that push works out, and a particular star reaches the top. And there are times when the promotion doesn’t quite see the same outcomes. Even more rare is the situation in which a wrestler gets a push and admits that perhaps that momentum came at the wrong time. LA Knight recently made such an admission and looking back at things, he’s correct. 

“I actually feel, maybe there was too far of a push a little too fast,” Knight said while speaking on Busted Open radio. “That is not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but a little bit of a stray build going into a championship match as far as going for the US Championship or Intercontinental Championship or something like that. Coming straight up to the WWE Championship at Crown Jewel was a little fast to where I almost worry that it might make people go, ‘Eh, they’re not going to do this. They’re not going to shove him down our throat like this are they?”
Knight is a little past two years into his run on the main roster. And quite a run it’s been, as the last year has seen him become one of the most popular performers on the roster. He continues to get some of the loudest reactions from fans, and they hang on his every word. That push saw his sky rocketed into the title picture, but it was clear he was never going to beat Roman Reigns. Reigns was at the height of his power and the story with Cody Rhodes was well in its (insert number) chapter. Knight was going to lose that match and everyone knew it. 

It wasn’t his time to be a world champion, and in reality there’s no telling if that is on the immediate horizon as 2024 continues on. WrestleMania 40 has two big title matches with potentially two new champions in Drew McIntyre and Rhodes walking out of the showcase. They have their own stories to tell, and Knight shouldn’t be the man to cut into them so soon. He’s right when he mentions the mid-card scene. He should have been slotted into the United States picture and perhaps carried that title into a big match with Logan Paul. But WWE went with the superstar, part-time performer, putting the belt on Paul for what has been a lengthy, and somewhat entertaining run. That was a good time to put the title on Knight, but hindsight is always 20-20. 

So what does the future look like for LA Knight? Perhaps he should be considered the top favorite to win the 2025 Royal Rumble. By then he will be 42-years old and the clock is continuing to tick away. WWE shouldn’t take the long route with pushing him into the main event picture. The company has shown they can keep individuals hot for an extended period. Look at what the promotion has done with Rhodes, Seth Rollins, McIntyre, Gunther, Jey Uso, and others.  

The Money in the Bank briefcase is another option as well. Look at what holding onto that prop did for Damian Priest, and the entire Judgment Day at the same time. Seeing Knight in a similar position would work, plus playing off the surprise of his cash-in could create a moment not really seen since Dolph Ziggler did the same to Alberto Del Rio. 

LA Knight is a superstar on the WWE roster. Will he be champion at some point? It seems like he has the popularity to do so, but the when is a big part of it. And right now, that doesn't seem to have a clear timeline.