LA Knight is the perfect challenge for Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has gone through two challengers and his next opponent should come in the form of LA Knight.
WWE King and Queen of the Ring
WWE King and Queen of the Ring / WWE/GettyImages

Cody Rhodes delivered another fantastic championship match at WWE King and Queen of the Ring as he successfully retained his title against Logan Paul. After going through Logan and AJ Styles a month prior, it's time for a new number-one contender for Cody. If there’s one person Cody should face at the moment, it’s The Megastar, LA Knight

Now would be the perfect time for LA Knight to receive a shot at the Undisputed WWE Championship because he’s currently one of the top babyfaces of the SmackDown brand. With Nick Aldis running SmackDown, he knows that multiple stars are gunning for Cody. Last week on SmackDown, AJ Styles desperately tried to get Aldis to approve AJ’s request for a rematch against Cody. With AJ feeling like he’s running out of time in his wrestling career, he must prove a point. AJ can try to receive his desired match by winning against Knight but only to come up short thus giving Knight more momentum for his possible upcoming title shot.  

The upcoming episode of SmackDown can revolve around Knight and Styles competing to see who’s the more deserving number one contender. It would be the rubber match between the two as they traded wins against one another. Knight gets the win, delaying AJ’s rematch with Cody. The next SmackDown can revolve around Knight and Cody interacting with each other before Knight builds momentum by beating Carmelo Hayes, whom he’s been on a mini-feud with. With Clash at the Castle coming up in three weeks, every SmackDown episode can give Knight time to prove even more why he's a main event star.

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