Liv Morgan needs title challengers asap

While Liv Morgan is the WWE Women's World Champion, she's without any major challengers to her title which is a growing issue.
Monday Night RAW
Monday Night RAW / WWE/GettyImages

WWE has a packed PLE schedule. Clash at the Castle Scotland is set for June 15, with Money in the Bank on the heels of that show on July 6. Both are heating up as cards, feuds, and storyline direction come into focus. But there’s one individual at the top of the show who is busy but doesn’t have any challengers for their title. That’s Liv Morgan. While the “Liv Morgan Revenge Tour” pulls Judgment Day apart, WWE is missing the boat by not getting her a challenger in place.

Liv Morgan is a popular member of the WWE roster and the numbers prove it. She’s frequently one of the only ladies who are ranked in the top ten when it comes to merch sales. Her large fan base pushes her to see her win and remain in the title picture. She finally defeated Becky Lynch for the WWE Women’s World Championship. She’s on WWE Raw every week in multiple segments throughout the night. Yet, she doesn’t have any contenders her way.

The story for Morgan is to destroy Judgment Day to harm Rhea Ripley. It makes perfect logical sense, as Morgan blames Ripley for taking everything from her as she rose to prominence. But WWE is making the same mistake they did with Ripley early in her run. Ripley was more involved in a men’s angle around Judgment Day, than beating back challengers to show she is the top woman on the roster. That eventually changed, but fans took note of how infrequently she was defending the title.

With two PLEs on the horizon, there isn’t one woman on the WWE Raw roster who stands out as a top contender for Morgan. This group features ladies like Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane, and others. What’s interesting is that there are several women involved in storylines on WWE Raw, but none of them are threatening Morgan for the championship. Then what are they doing here? This is one of the areas in which WWE falls more into sports entertainment than professional wrestling. Take Lyra Valkyria for example, she should be chasing after Morgan who was the last to defeat her ally in Lynch. But she’s involved in a growing story with former champion, Sky.

It will be interesting to see how WWE handles this. Liv Morgan can’t be expected to hold the title and not to defend it until Rhea Ripley returns. Everyone predicts that the title is going to go back on Ripley’s waist, and Morgan can’t afford another championship that doesn’t grow her aura as a champion. Having her involved in big storylines is a part of the equation. She’s good enough in the ring to have strong matches as well. WWE must find some worthy challengers to step on her on Mondays.