'Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez' stands to launch the couple into superstardom

Bianca Belair and Montez Ford are on the cusp of becoming superstars beyond professional wrestling and the reality TV show should push them over the top.
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Professional wrestling and sports entertainment are two separate sides of the same coin. Fans will argue about which is more important and what they enjoy the most, but they both have a vital role to play in what makes this industry special. Promotions like AEW and WWE long for crossover stars that can reach out to the masses and draw fans into their sweet embrace. Some like The Rock, John Cena, and Mercedes Mone used the WWE to establish their names before moving on. In 2024, WWE has the opportunity to build two new crossover stars, Bianca Belair and Montez Ford.

Fans clung to Belair and Ford the moment they were introduced in WWE NXT. Belair’s ring gear that dubbed her “Black History in the Making” caught the eyes of many and she made true on that when she and Mone headlined WrestleMania 37. Belair has been mentioned along with names like Meg the Stallion and others in mainstream media who could bring a whole different segment of viewers to the wrestling product, even if it is just to see her.

Then there’s Montez Ford. This man looks like a wrestling superstar, and he’s doing the work to build himself to that stature. His character draws in a level of excitement from fans, he delivers in the ring, and there has long been a push to see him thrive beyond the tag team division. The rumblings of that push continue to grow each year, and here’s to hoping that it begins in 2024.

The news of Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez was met with immediate praise and excitement. The show will be a look at the couple and their road to WrestleMania. WWE has a special duo here and it is time for them to capitalize on that.

All aspects of media struggle with minority representation. While fans point out how far behind wrestling is in that space, it’s far from the only industry that isn’t committed to the work – regardless of what lip service is presented. Belair and Ford are two personalities that hit all the high points on what a positive representation of a strong Black man and woman would be, both individually and collectively, in mainstream media. Knowing how these two carry themselves across social media and in front of cameras, this reality show should not be filled with the petty drama and bickering that makes so many shows sound the same. This has the potential to be something different that has long-standing ramifications for both WWE and the industry.

While fans may feel some type of way about The Miz, his career is filled with media success that includes a reality show that featured him and his wife. This show can be bigger for the careers of Ford and Belair for what they mean to a demographic of wrestling fans that are frequently ignored. And to add to a touch of fantastic planning, this show kicks off the first week of Black History Month.

There has been some success when reality television and professional wrestling come together. Total Divas and Total Bellas stand out as the two biggest examples. Be prepared to add Love & WWE: Bianca & Montez to that list as these two performers stand poised to be launched into superstardom.