Mustafa Ali would be a perfect addition to AEW roster

Fans have long wanted to see Mustafa Ali get the opportunities that avoided him in WWE and AEW could be the promotion that opened the doors to his greatness.

The last round of WWE releases saw several shocking names get cut from the organization. One of those individuals was Mustafa Ali. Ali is one of those performers whose cult following wanted to see him achieve great things, but those moments never came. Now, he’s the perfect type of talent that All Elite Wrestling should pursue, because not only would his signing draw headlines, but he would excel in this realm of professional wrestling.

While they never booked him as such, Mustafa Ali was one of the most complete wrestlers on the WWE roster. He could do everything that fell within that promotion’s brand of sports entertainment. He could do comedy. He could be the underdog babyface, or the serious heel – Ali had the abilities ready to do whatever was asked of him. But he could also go in the ring. There are several matches on his resume that stand out, not because he was given some epic story to tell, but he was able to deliver with the often-few minutes given to him. Ali truly maximized his minutes.

Bringing him over to AEW would be an interesting move for the company. His signing wouldn’t be one that would shake the foundations of the industry, or immediately create a new main event player. Instead, AEW would get one of those role players that would shore up a team for a championship run. Like Ben Wallace on the Detroit Pistons, or Toni Kukoc on the Chicago Bulls. Ali could be that type of signing for AEW.

Think about it. Ali could go in and have a classic series of matches against Orange Cassidy. What about pitting him against The Blackpool Combat Club? How about letting Ali face off with The House of Black, giving him and Buddy Matthews the opening to run back their classic series of matches from years ago? He could work well in Ring of Honor, perhaps drawing some eyeballs to that Thursday product. There are several ways Ali could work within that company, as fans only want to see him get the chance to prove that he can compete with some of the best in the world. Mustafa Ali versus the likes of Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, or Will Ospreay on weekly television in 2024? Yea let’s make that happen.

All Elite Wrestling should not go after every one of the performers cut from the WWE. But there are some key components available. Mustafa Ali isn’t the only one, but he’s someone that would work well in the company that puts professional wrestling first.

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