Naomi would be perfect to establish a new title

If WWE introduces a new championship, Naomi is the perfect name to elevate that new title.
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There’s a lot of talk about the WWE potentially adding a women’s mid-card championship to the slate of titles on the main roster. Monday Night Raw and SmackDown have rosters stacked with some of the best women’s talent in the world. Unfortunately, WWE fails to share adequate time across the board. If a women’s mid-card helps change that, fantastic. And when it comes to figuring out who should be the first woman to hold that title, put the belt on Naomi.

Establishing a mid-card championship on the main roster for the women’s division must be treated as a big deal. The introduction of the WWE NXT Women’s North American Championship has worked well, with the ladder match at NXT Battleground set to crown the first title holder. The title already feels like a big deal and that will translate to the first person that holds up that strap.

Naomi would be the perfect woman to do the same on the main roster. She comes with the credibility of being a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion, and with WWE working with TNA lately, they can even highlight that she held the TNA Knockouts World Championship earlier this year. She’s been with the company for nearly 14 years and screams every bit of a legit star.

Plus, Naomi is a fan favorite. She’s remained a beloved figure on the roster and someone who’s held such a place in the hearts of fans for much of her tenure. Seeing her win another championship and be the first to build up that title would go a long way to making it an important belt to the people that support her.

WWE has a lot of young talent on the roster and it’s understandable why individuals like Tiffany Stratton or Blair Davenport may come up as candidates to be the first to hold the title. But putting them in the position to chase an established veteran like Naomi makes more sense. Akin to how Chris Jericho’s credibility elevated the AEW World Championship initially, that’s what Naomi could do with a mid-card title in WWE. The build to her winning the championship, establishing it with a strong run, and eventually putting over one of the younger women on the roster would do wonders for everyone involved. It is the right move to make.

WWE’s main roster could benefit from a mid-card women’s championship along with other adjustments needed to the division’s television time and presentation. If a new title is introduced, Naomi is the perfect veteran to hold that first and establish a strong legacy.