NJPW would be a perfect company for Dijak

Where does Dijak go next? Perhaps some time in NJPW would be great at this point in his career.
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Perhaps the biggest news coming out of the WWE this week involved Dijak and the end of his contract. On Thursday, he took to Twitter to tell the world that his time with the promotion was over. There are a lot of thoughts about how his time with the company was handled, especially within the last year. But as he looks to what is next, the “Go to AEW” movement has already started. While that could be a strong development, there’s another place that could use his abilities and that is New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The ”Go to AEW” movement usually comes up any time a WWE wrestler is ending their time in the company. All Elite Wrestling was started with the idea of being the alternative to WWE, and that has helped several names grow in their career. But that doesn’t mean every individual should immediately head to the land that Tony Khan leads. There are other directions they can go and Dijak is someone that should be in that conversation as a run in NJPW would be great for him at this time.

Dijak fits the mold of a giant Gaijin character for NJPW. Imagine him stepping in as a special entrant in the G1 Climax. That would be an excellent space to showcase his skills and slot him in an important position on the roster. Dijak has proven that he can do everything that’s necessary to be a top star in professional wrestling, but unfortunately, he didn’t get that opportunity while on the WWE roster.

That brings up the second point. AEW has a stacked roster. So staked that there are more than a few individuals that are lost in the shuffle. Dijak would have a big introduction, but how many months would pass before he’s Chris Jericho’s newest heater in a faction that doesn’t matter? Khan openly talks about still being active in the free agency game, but television time is a finite resource and AEW already struggles to get everyone on television. Would Dijak put on a show in AEW? Of course. Would he get the time that fans want to see? That’s the big question.

The final point is that NJPW needs a name like Dijak. Japan professional wrestling continues to lose out when it comes to locking down free agents. In the last few years NJPW has lost Will Ospreay, Kazuchika Okada, Giulia, and Jay White. Four huge names that fans love. Making a push to bring in Dijak would be a victory to hopefully gain some momentum in that push.

Dijak is an incredibly talented performer and one that fans should make a point to see. Where he shows up next is the question to watch and NJPW should not be removed from the equation.