WWE dropped the ball on Dijak

Dijak is a talented performer and WWE missed the mark not finding a way to keep him on the roster after such a strong WWE NXT run.
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WWE has a slew of talented performers on the roster. Some of the best in the world. Yet, there are still times when the company misses out on utilizing those individuals. Such a moment occurred with Dijak, as the wrestler took to social media to air his grievances about his time with WWE coming to an end. Reading his side of the story, it’s easy to see that the company dropped the ball with this talented performer.

“Here’s the truth. WWE never negotiated with me,” Dijak posted in a letter on Twitter. “We attempted to negotiate and they stonewalled us. They never made me a single offer, then they informed me they would not renew my contract at the eleventh hour.”

Dijak continued on making note that he was always present, pitching ideas, and willing to work in any capacity. He was recently moved up to WWE Raw in the latest edition of the WWE Draft, but never appeared on the show. At the time of the draft, it was clear that his contract was coming up, but the rumored expectations were that he’d be offered a new deal. According to his letter, this does not seem to be the case.

Many were concerned about the WWE NXT call-ups not having a clear direction on the main roster, but losing Dijak in this way is a huge miss. The organization needs performers like him who can help the younger talent on the roster while making everyone around them better. Dijak has recently had excellent feuds and matches with the likes of Ilja Dragunov and Joe Gacy. He would have made an excellent foil for Trick Williams. Don’t forget how his presence helped elevate Karrion Kross and Keith Lee during their feud as well. Dijak doesn’t miss, even when he was booked in that horrible RETRIBUTION angle.

“I am thankful, disappointed, but also excited,” Dijak posted. “This has lit a fire under me to relentlessly prove myself to the world. All I ever wanted was a fair shot and now I have the opportunity to go out and take it.”

Dijak is one of those performers that solidifies a strong roster. Just like championship sports teams need role players to fill in the gap, Dijak can do just that and much more in professional wrestling. It will be interesting to see where he shows up next, but you can always catch the next ratio on Twitter.