Pairing Chad Gable and The Creeds is a perfect move all around

WWE should certainly pair Chad Gable with The Creed Brothers as it will have a positive impact on them and potentially Ivy Nile.
WWE Monday Night RAW
WWE Monday Night RAW / Alex Bierens de Haan/GettyImages

WWE is making a concerted effort to create factions on television. Doing so is a boost to both the singles and tag team divisions. With his turn on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, there’s bubbling rumors that WWE will pair Chad Gable along with the Creed Brothers. This would be a great move for all three men involved.

First, there’s Gable. He was riding a way of momentum as a top challenger to Gunther and the Intercontinental Championship. That gave way to Sami Zayn and the easy storyline that Gable is upset because he trained Zayn to beat the man he couldn’t defeat. Setting Gable up as Zayn’s first major threat is the perfect next step in storytelling. It will be interesting to see how Gable justifies his turn, as WWE continues to build heels who have a hint of justification for their actions.

Then there are The Creed Brothers. Julius and Brutus were expected to take over the tag team division when they made their main roster debut, but their momentum has stalled. They are featured near the top of the group but continue to fail when it is time to get that big victory. That opens the door for their partnership with Gable. He can present himself as the guru that led Zayn to his biggest win, and he’ll do the same for The Creeds if they follow his lead. That’s enough justification for two men looking to reach the top of the division.

The outlying piece on the board is Ivy Nile. Does she just go her own separate way? WWE should use this as a storyline for her as well. Gable and The Creeds can work to convince her to join their efforts, and she could either eventually turn as well, or push back to carve out a path on her own. Nile is someone that WWE has strong hopes for and she seems poised to deliver.

Of course, this group is going to draw comparisons to Team Angle, and that’s not a bad thing. That group gave wrestling one of the best to ever do it and one of the top tag teams of their generation. There’s nothing not to like there. Recreating that group with Chad Gable, Julius, and Brutus Creed is the right move at the right time.