Predicting 5 main events for WWE WrestleMania

WrestleMania is the biggest showcase in wrestling each year. Here are five potential matches that can headline either night of the event.
SmackDown / WWE/GettyImages

WrestleMania is the biggest showcase in professional wrestling. The two-night event brings out the biggest and best in WWE, and much of the industry in the week that leads up to the event. Main eventing either night of WrestleMania is a career accolade. A true statement on where someone stands on the roster. Everyone doesn’t get to main event WrestleMania. Even with the show being Saturday and Sunday, the opportunity has become more competitive. With the help of a handy time machine, here are five match predictions that will eventually main event a WrestleMania.

Rhea Ripley versus Roxanne Perez

WWE has built a strong women’s division. Between SmackDown, Monday Night Raw, and NXT this company boasts perhaps the deepest women’s roster in all wrestling. Rhea Ripley stands atop the division today as its biggest star. She’s a star through and through. While the booking around her may not always match, the fans can’t get enough of Mami.

Roxanne Perez has all the tools to be the future of professional wrestling. Perez was expected to be a power player in NXT, but she’s quickly taken over the scene on Tuesday night. She can play the loveable babyface or the demented heel. She can truly do it all. Ripley and Perez are 27 and 22 years old, respectively. WWE can easily build an angle around these two women in the future with the culmination coming in a big showcase at the show of shows.

GUNTHER versus Dragunov

Fans chant “Fight Forever” when two great wrestlers battle. GUNTHER and Dragunov are two men that all wrestling fans would love to see fight over and over again. They’ve battled twice to date. GUNTHER picked up the first win, with Dragunov bringing them even at the end of the second match. Now that both men are on WWE Raw, the hints toward a future match are coming in hot. Fans are expecting them to battle when WWE travels to Berlin but imagine if the match was instead booked to headline either night of WrestleMania.

GUNTHER versus Dragunov is another level of violence that doesn’t happen on WWE television too often. Go back to their first matches on NXT UK and WWE NXT to not only see two great matches, but two brutal contests that left fans cringing by the end of them. Both of those matches were awarded with the Daily DDT Match of the Year for their respective years, and they hold up against anything in wrestling. Giving them the stage to do that at WrestleMania would be huge for professional wrestling.

Carmelo Hayes versus Trick Williams

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams have a lifelong story to tell. Shawn Michaels crafted their WWE NXT feud in a similar fashion to his time with Kevin Nash, but when they are both on the main roster their intertwining careers could be more like Michaels versus Triple H. Hayes and Williams will have a lot of success as a duo, but their best work will be when they are standing across from one another.

Hayes versus Williams has the potential to be a more compelling story rather than a fantastic wrestling match. Hayes can already work with the best in the business, but Williams has some growth to do in that area. But when they do meet on the main roster, there’s a story there that could carry a build into WrestleMania.

Bianca Belair versus Tiffany Stratton

Bianca Belair and Tiffany Stratton have some unfinished business. Stratton is destined to win singles gold. She’s one of the fastest-rising stars in the women’s division. Belair is one of the most important performers on the WWE roster. Their paths will cross and when they do, it will be big. So big, that Stratton and Belair could headline a night of WrestleMania.

How could WWE get there? Hopefully, that would involve more story than stipulation match. Belair has already won the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber. She doesn’t need either to get back to the title. But with the way WWE builds WrestleMania, that would have to be the case. Either way, this would be a match that would have fans excited, and ready to support their favorite women’s superstar to the end.

CM Punk versus John Cena

The John Cena Retirement Tour is all systems go. The multiple-time champion is wrapping things up, closing the door on being an in-ring performer. Will he win the championship along the way? That would be an amazing story to tell. Imagine if he did so by getting through CM Punk. That’s a story worthy of a main event at WrestleMania.

Due to Father Time, this is a match that would need to happen sooner rather than later. WrestleMania 41 will be Cena’s last time on the card. Punk could very well be champion by then as he’s ingrained in the top story on WWE Raw. Punk versus Cena would be a great nostalgia match that gets both lapsed and current fans excited about all things professional wrestling.