Predicting the last four men in the 2024 Royal Rumble

Making to the last four in the Royal Rumble is a huge moment each year. These individuals stand out as potential names that will outlast 26 other competitors.
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The 2024 Royal Rumble is coming in hot. Set for Saturday, January 27, this is one of the biggest nights in professional wrestling. Fans get excited for surprises and the victors of the Rumble are poised for giant pushes heading into WrestleMania. But who is going to win is always the biggest question. Picking up the victory is the massive push that anyone needs heading into WrestleMania. However, the last four that stand in the ring are another big indicator of who WWE has plans for in the future. This prediction looks forward to the four men that will be left standing in the ring when 26 others have been eliminated.

CM Punk

CM Punk should be the favorite to win the 2024 edition of the Royal Rumble. He has several accolades on his resume, but winning the Rumble is one that has remained outside his reach. He and Seth Rollins are poised for what will be a massive showdown at WrestleMania 40. But how does he get to that point? Punk being the last man standing would make sense, carving out the path to Rollins.

But there’s an interesting idea bubbling up along the way. Seth Rollins versus CM Punk doesn’t need the WWE World Championship. The two men have said enough about each other which creates the idea that they aren’t the best of pals in real life. Using that story, there’s enough to build to what would be a big match. If that was the case, perhaps Punk isn’t the man to get the victory, but he will be one of the last four in the ring.

Cody Rhodes

Is the story set to be finished in 2024 or will WWE try to convince wrestling fans that there’s yet another chapter to tell. WWE has done an excellent job keeping Cody Rhodes hot after taking that loss at WrestleMania 39. Many thought that he would lose momentum but that has not been the case. If he’s going to get back to the match against Roman Reigns, winning the Royal Rumble the second year in a row would get him there. But is that too much of a predictable outcome?

There are other ways that Rhodes can get back to the championship match and winning the Royal Rumble is just one of them. He’ll be one of the last four men in the match, but if he’s eliminated that will immediately kick off questions about his WrestleMania trajectory. The Rock returned during WWE Raw Day 1 and that sparked a lot of speculation for what his future looks like. WWE can’t make the mistake of delaying his championship victory again.

LA Knight

LA Knight’s star is still shining, but is it shining as much as it was in early to mid-2023? That’s a question worth debating, but he will have some big moments in the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately for Knight, the WWE title picture seems exceptionally crowded on both shows. There are limited slots to give out for big matches at WrestleMania 40, and that will keep him out of one of the two big matches. Perhaps Knight gets a championship victory, but more of the mid-card kind. Here’s to him taking the United States Championship from Logan Paul.

Damian Priest

Damian Priest may go down as one of the forgotten Money in the Bank winners. As WrestleMania 40 approaches, no one is talking about him cashing in on a champion to take the title. Maybe he does that on Monday Night Raw following the PLE, but even that would be a massive blow-up if he takes the title from a popular champion. Instead, his failed cash-in may be the final catalyst that causes The Judgment Day to completely fall apart. Priest will be one of the last four men in the Rumble, but don’t expect him to be the man to have his hand raised at the end.