Predicting the Next Three Teams to Hold the Tag Team Championships in WWE

At WrestleMania 39, WWE's tag team titles were in the main event. Now, in predicting the next three teams to hold the tag team championships the following teams will be responsible for ushering in a new era in the WWE tag team division.
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At WrestleMania 39, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens beat the Uso's for WWE's tag team titles in the main event. Now, in predicting the next three teams to hold the tag team championships in WWE, you have to wonder if any will be on the WrestleMania card at all. With the show being two days long, someone is bound to step up and grab a WrestleMania moment. However, whoever replaces Judgment Day will have a lot of work to do. As WWE transitions into a new, streaming-first era, they will likely make creative decisions to reflect that. The tag team division needs that now especially, and the following teams will be responsible for ushering in that transition.

Awesome Truth

R-Truth's bizarre and prolonged inclusion in Judgment Day is leading somewhere. His recent reconnection with The Miz is the biggest clue to where that may be. While proper teams like Imperium and DIY are also featured on RAW, the most successful units since the titles were unified have been teams of singles stars who come together. R-Truth and The Miz, previously known as Awesome Truth, fit that profile while also having a history as a tag team. Their first run was surprisingly strong, rising to the main event as a team. A reunion at WrestleMania 40 and a short run with the titles could make for great television.

R-Truth cost Damian Priest his match against Drew McIntyre, losing his only real ally within Judgment Day. On that same episode of Raw, The Miz continued his feuding with the lesser members of the group, specifically Dominik Mysterio. Finn Balor getting involved in that match is another thread connecting The Miz to Truth and the current tag team champions. Nobody else has been positioned as a threat to the titles. So, if any group is ready to take the titles at WrestleMania, where the long-rumored Judgment Day split is coming, it will be Awesome Truth.

The Street Profits

Smackdown last featured in the tag team division over a year ago. At some point, preferably soon, that will need to change. On the smackdown side, the first group that could be in the next three teams to hold the tag team championships is the Street Profits. They have been garnering strong support since teaming with Bobby Lashley. While the fans still love them, their aggressive streak is classic of a heel tag team. That means regardless of who is holding the belts ahead of them, they could be a reasonable foil for the champions.

The Bloodline is probably coming to its dramatic end soon. WWE will look for more factions to fill the gap left by Roman's inevitable departure. Bobby and his team could do just that. However, part of making that work will be to give the team legitimacy. In the early stages of the alliance, it was made clear that Lashley recruited the Profits, promising to make them more successful. With the belts tucked away on Raw, that has yet to happen. If, after WrestleMania, the Profits can hold the unified belts, it would allow a whole section of the division, the teams from Friday nights, to freshen up the titles. It also gives the Profits and Lashley a reason to get involved on both shows, replacing Reigns in the short term.

Carrillo & Garza/ The Creed Brothers

In predicting the next three teams to hold the tag team championships, it is past time to consider separating the titles again. With Raw becoming a streaming exclusive brand in the near future, splitting the brands entirely is a priority task. Likewise, WWE has had the same premier tag teams since before the Uso's unified the titles. In addition to the prerogative to split the belts, a "new guard" is needed. So, two of WWE's top-tier NXT teams could be deployed to lead this new guard. After a slew of established teams and talents holding down the tag team scene, Carrillo & Garza and The Creed Brothers, two proper teams of young superstars, will split the titles.

Yes, that makes it four teams, technically speaking. However, both teams make sense in very different contexts. Until recently, the Creeds were the talk of an increasingly interesting Raw tag team division. They had standout matches with groups like Judgment Day and Alpha Academy. Julius Creed and Brutus Creed have both impressed and are being positioned as the future. Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza, the former Los Lotharios, have teamed up with Santos Escobar in his feud with the LWO. That story, while being featured prominently, has yet to take off. LWO and Escobar could get their feud to take off with the tag titles involved. Just like the Creeds, Carillo, and Garza are a fresh team and young talents that can lead a tag team resurgence in a stagnating division.

Changing of the guard: The next three teams to hold the tag team championships 

The journey that is being a WWE fan on this year's road to WrestleMania includes many moving parts. The next three teams to hold the tag team championships in WWE will reflect those changes. A sentimental reunion on the grandest stage, a familiar set of hands with a new attitude to bridge the gap, and a generation of new teams set to revitalize tag team wrestling in a company that seemed poised to do that, only to leave those hopes behind. With enough time, each of the teams could be the next champion, and the roster is stacked with potential talents to have one of the strongest tag divisions in all of wrestling. With the belts maineventing WrestleMania just one year ago, each team has some big shoes to fill when their number is finally drawn.