R-Truth may be on the verge of a massive push in WWE

Fans may laugh whenever they see R-Truth but his continued presence and always being over with the viewers may lead to a big push for the WWE stalwart.
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For over a decade, WWE superstar R-Truth has been an outstanding addition to weekly TV programming. Aside from his in-ring ability, Truth has always been able to make the audience laugh, being a source of comedy in almost all of his segments. The humorous performer recently returned to WWE during last month’s Survivor Series: War Games. Since then, Truth has had several run-ins with the feared faction known as the Judgment Day

Currently at their peak, The Judgment Day is at their most dangerous level, holding two championships and a MITB contract. However, R-Truth has had much involvement with the faction since his return. At first, WWE started shooting backstage segments between Truth and the faction, featuring a delusional R-Truth who believed he was already a legitimate member of The Judgment Day. 

After a few weeks, many thought it was all over, but Truth kept returning to the demonic family. It all led up to last Monday on RAW. Truth communicated that he wasn’t happy about how last week went, meaning the beatdown he received at the hands of Judgment Day. Truth then proposes a stipulation for his scheduled match against JD McDonough, The Judgment Day’s newest (official) member. After Truth suggested that the match be a “loser leaves Judgment Day” match, Damian Priest jokingly agreed that the match was a good idea.

Truth ultimately defeated JD Mcdonough in a “Miracle on 34th Street Fight”, technically ousting Mcdonugh from the group. However, Priest later admitted during the show that Truth’s stipulation obviously was not being taken seriously by the faction. However, JD will certainly need to prove himself again in the coming weeks. While JD is still in The Judgment Day, Truth’s future with the faction has been open-ended. 

Not only does Truth still believe to be in the group, but he also proved himself against McDonough in a grueling street fight as well.  After the shocking victory, one has to wonder where WWE Creative is going with this story. After all, it’s not every day that a wacky, funny character unexpectedly joins an evil and dominant facti-Oh wait.

As we saw in 2022, Sami Zayn’s run with The Bloodline was one of the greatest and most memorable WWE storylines in the last decade. That story and this one have many similarities, the biggest one being the character of R-Truth and Zayn’s comedic demeanor joining an exact opposite faction (and making it work unbelievably well.) If Truth can nail it in his own way, then this story too may be remembered for quite some time as “Cinema.”

R-Truth hasn’t had a prominent or important storyline in a long time. His last memorable run was when he won the 24/7 championship 40+ times. Although it was recognized by WWE, it was mostly only used as comedic relief, hence why it was almost always on Truth’s shoulder. Now that the title has been retired, it is time for Truth to find a new claim to fame. What better way to do that than to involve yourself with the current biggest faction in all of WWE?

If Judgment Day is to continue to get the Main Event spotlight, then an addition in R-Truth is a great way for them to receive even more attention from the WWE Universe. Fans can’t deny Truth's in-ring and mic skills. With the performer being over 50 now, his time in the ring is probably quite limited. Now is a great time to insert R-Truth into a program that fans will cherish even after he hangs up his boots for good.

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