Randy Orton and Kevin Owens should become a tag team

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton are heading toward a showdown, but perhaps they should join forces before they get there.
WrestleMania 40
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Before Randy Orton was injured, he was partners with Matt Riddle, who they were known as RK-Bro. Since Orton had made his long-awaited return, he's back to business delivering RKOs out of nowhere to anyone in his way. As Orton has been chasing Logan Paul for his WWE United States Championship, he found a common ally in Kevin Owens. Although these two men don't gel well as much with other partners, maybe this is the time where they both begin to team up with one another.

Randy Orton and Kevin Owens have held Tag Team Gold before

For the past two months, both Orton and Owens have been targeting Paul. With Paul picking up the win against Orton and Owens at WrestleMania, both men should deliver a different approach. With the WWE Draft quickly coming up, WWE should deliver something fresh for Orton and Owens. As long as both men are on the same show, there should be no issue in creating a compelling storyline for the former World Champions. A tag team for Orton and Owens would be interesting for the WWE Universe to see because they are such an unlikely duo. For instance, if Orton and Owens were to get drafted to RAW, they would both be in the flagship show pulling numerous memorable moments. A possible team name could be R-KO as the R for Randy and KO for Kevin Owens.

There is so much WWE can do for Orton and Owens if they become a tag team. It can also benefit Orton a lot since he just had a career-threatening back injury, which could give him time to recover during his tag team matches. Maybe in the future, Orton and Owens can become tag team champions and have similar moments with their previous partners, but in a unique manner.

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